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This has got to be a dozie - my dynamic IP today

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I really haven't broken a mirror to my knowledge ever and yet - computer wise I have bad luck seemingly.

A couple of times lately* went to send an email and got back blocked. *Since December last year and once Jan this.

An error occurred when sending mail " the mail server sent an incorrect greeting nskntcmgw09p Big Pond

Outbound Connection refused. Exploits block list [xbl]go to www.spamhaus,org/xbl/ for more information.

So thought as this is my dynamic address allocated to me by my provider ring them and see what the hell is going on as looked up this list last time and couldn't make head nor tail of what to do.

First off thought she the tech lady, thought I had a virus and asked what protection. Told her MSE.

Then said for me to get it up on my browser and look at the number, and I couldn't get it up - mind you typing one finger as holding phone not the best but kept getting Comodo help list for their security package which I had put on as a trial which made the computer have a mild fit which I still have to try to sort out, for example my documents start a Z and end at A - and some of the file contents have gone to heaven - and my Windows.old files are there too as no longer on my ext HD where docs too are back to front. Explain that - well cant but if you know how to reverse - please tell. :ranting: Havent yet checked at their contents to see if can rescue those empty files on my docs current HD.

[i did have a broken bedroom window due to some stone hitting it off the lawn mower maybe why 'windows' is mad at me and sent me gremlins all these years eh! :devil: ]

Anyway she did it herself then - got up the spam haus site only to find not a virus email spread problem but some other problem that went right over my head to be honest. She then refreshed my internet so I got new one and can send an email.

she then blocked the number herself and said it takes around an hour to work meantime anyone could be having same problem with it I did. And that is wasn't email virus spreading problem but some other.

Learn something every day seems these IP addresses are used around the world she said daily so many others have experienced this before last one 17.2.14 and that wasn't me. Maybe you ?

Anyway offered me a couple of alternatives to fix whatever in case came across it again, a $9.90 month service from the ISP to make sure no virus's get me or a $130 visit via the web to sort out my computer. Or ask M$. As they own the OS and the virus program I am currently using as back on MSE, Said could configure it to block the something that is the bugbear making it be blocked via my firewall. :paperbag1: I am using Online Armour Free version by Emisoft. But not got a clue myself re what to do. I refused the offers. I thought ISP's did some sort of program anyway to block spam as I dont get any these days.

And isnt MSE supposed to check the emails for virus's and block them?

So my nice clean new computer buggered already as bits of Comodo still hanging around and guess what taking off Norton's free trial dead easy, went it self. No bits to be found.

Really has anyone ever had this happen or can understand what happens from going to the spamhaus site and checking out the other thing that is not a virus spread by email which the above was found different source. Love to know what is was, but her accent beat me. Plus technical.

How about you John seem to love a puzzle.

Cant be the only one to post here to have had this experience can I?


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I read your post twice, and I cannot make head or tail of it. There seems to be some confusion between spam and malware.

IP address was blocked by spamhaus for sending spam. Your ISP need to make sure the spammer is removed from its network, then clear the IP address with spamhaus. Until they do that, they should not assign that address to any innocent user.

I have no idea where the idea of a virus comes into this equation. (Unless, of course, it is your computer that is infected and sending out spam.)

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