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Outlook Express 6 data loss

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My Outlook started to compact after I closed it. I clicked the cancel button. Next time I opened it my Inbox was missing the latest 3 months of my Emails and my Sent folder was empty. I went to the Identities folder and see that my Sent Items.dbx is 82,512 in size, but not showing data. How can I get it to see it again and was my deleted Inbox Emails placed in a temp holding area that can be recovered? Thank You!

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Sorry, but I've not used OE6 for 5 years :(

I always used to use TopLang OE Backup 4 for regular backups - so I never had a problem if anything untoward happened.

Have you read this :- http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-windows_programs/outlook-express-repairrecovery-of-corrupted-dbx/8bbcc787-4d6c-4bed-89f4-96c4d0a4e7be?auth=1

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Your pre-compacted email folder files (with .dbx extensions) should be in your Recycle Bin; you can restore them from there. Make sure OE is closed when you do the restore. Note that this will overwrite the folder files there now; if you've received or written any new messages since the problem arose, make sure you move those messages to a folder that you won't be overwriting with the Restore function.

If you don't find them there and will not be able to recover, it's possible your dbx file is corrupt that's why u can't see the emails on that folder. There is free download OE-Mail Recovery software  available on internet. Check the below link. Its help you to view the emails. http://www.oemailrecovery.com/repair-outlook-express.html

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