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Need OneDrive and my OneDrive hard drive folder explaining slowly and carefully to me.....

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Dear Anyone.


I've got a 232-gig hard drive.  Discovered it was down to 60gig free.  Listed folders on size and discovered I had a OneDrive folder with 75gig of stuff in it I THOUGHT I'd saved to the Cloud. 

Now SOME of the files/folders have got little clouds next to them, and no size numbers. Some have little clouds next to them AND size numbers.  One has a green circle with a tick in it.  Here's the bit that's got me absolutely and totally baffled so please be nice to me. 

If I select them all and right-click and choose Show Properties, it says Size In Folder 75gigs.  BUT - Size On Drive 5.9 Gigs!! Yet if I go by the first number and add the free space on my hard drive to it, it totals up to what I THOUGHT my free space should be.  Which is about 135gig.  If I believe the Size On Drive 5.9 Gigs thing, it leaves me with ROUGHLY 75gigs unaccounted for. 

IF the Size In Folder number's right, and the Size On Drive number's wrong, I want to be able to delete them all from the hard drive and just leave them in the cloud so I get my 75gigs (or thereabouts!) hard drive real estate back.  If the Size On Drive 5.9 Gigs thing is right, how do I find out where the other 75gig's gone?

Just so you know, none of the folders with no size numbers next to them are empty.  They've all got stuff in.  Or rather they all SAY they've still got stuff in.  As they're not coming up with any size numbers I'm very worried.  I don't know if the stuff's there in reality or not, or if the files have gone just leaving the headers behind.  Which would explain the lack of size numbers, if they're really just empty folders with file names in but no actual files. 

Please, is the stuff on my hard drive or in the Cloud?  If it's in the Cloud, how do I convince Windows 10 it's in the Cloud so it gives me my 75gig hard drive space back?  If it's NOT the OneDrive folder that's taking up the 75gig - and I'm only ASSUMING it is because the numbers totally and accurately tally up when I add the OneDrive folder to the spare hard drive space - how do I find out where the hard drive real estate's gone?  I've tried Tree Size Free and Sequoiaview and can't find any other likely culprits that tally up as accurately as the OneDrive folder.  Not saying there AREN'T any, just I can't FIND any!!

Tried selecting all the files in the OneDrive folder, right clicking and doing the Free Up Space thing but I can't, it's greyed out.  If I right-click in the OneDrive folder WITHOUIT selecting anything, THEN the Free Up Space thing's black and usable.  But I clicked on that and it didn't say 'Freeing up space in OneDrve', it said 'Freeing up space On DESKTOP' (my capitals!) I didn't want my desktop files either deleted or moved to the Cloud, so I stopped it.  I just wanted the files/folders in the OneDrive folder moved to the cloud and off the hard drive.  Why was it doing my desktop folders?

I'm very confused on all of this.  But I'd love my 75-gig hard drive space back! Wanted to put a screenshot in to show you the problem but this website won't let me upload one from my hard drive. 

Yours puzzledly



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I do not use OneDrive myself, but, what OneDrive version do you have ?  This may clarify things as to what has/has not been "clouded" for you ?


OneDrive Basic gives you 5GB of Cloud storage Free.

OneDrive Standalone gives you 100GB of Cloud storage for £1.99/month

Microsoft 365 Personal gives you 1 TB (1000 GB) of Cloud storage for £59.99 / year

Microsoft 365 Family gives you 6 TB (1000 GB per person) of Cloud storage for £79.99 / year



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