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Regarding for Java Applet Drumkit

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Hello All, I am a beginner coder and I am trying to get a java drum kit program that I found by online source, because I thought it would be fun to work with, but when I compile the code on interviewbit the applet comes up with the buttons but no sound plays. I do not know why this is and I was wondering if I could get help fixing it. Can anyone now how to fix this please explain in layman's terms.


This is my code:

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class FinalProjectst extends JApplet {

private JButton snareButton;
private JButton hiHatButton;
private JButton bassButton;
private JButton cymbalsButton;
private AudioClip snare;
private AudioClip hiHat;
private AudioClip bass;
private AudioClip cymbals;

public void init() {
    setLayout (new FlowLayout());


    snare = getAudioClip(getDocumentBase(), "Snare.wav");
    hiHat = getAudioClip(getDocumentBase(), "HiHat.wav");
    bass = getAudioClip(getDocumentBase(), "Kick.wav");
    cymbals = getAudioClip(getDocumentBase(), "Crash.wav");

private void sampleButtons() {
    snareButton = new JButton("Snare");
    hiHatButton = new JButton("Hi Hat");
    bassButton = new JButton("Kick");
    cymbalsButton = new JButton("Cymbals");

    snareButton.addActionListener(new ButtonListener());
    hiHatButton.addActionListener(new ButtonListener());
    bassButton.addActionListener(new ButtonListener());
    cymbalsButton.addActionListener(new ButtonListener());


private class ButtonListener implements ActionListener {
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
        if (e.getSource() == snareButton)
        if (e.getSource() == hiHatButton)
        if (e.getSource() == bassButton)
        if (e.getSource() == cymbalsButton)


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