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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. I think I replaced my original windows 8.1 64 with a fake one. The scenario of what I did is given below: I purchased a hp laptop with original windows 8.1 64 preinstalled. I downloaded Microsoft Office with toolkit from torrent because I did not want to buy ms office. First I installed the office setup.exe as per instructions. Then I opened the Microsoft toolkit. I had no idea how to use it. I pressed the windows logo instead of the office logo. Then I selected windows 8.1 and I clicked activate, backup, check, check status, etc randomly. I had no idea what I was doing. Now I think I re
  2. Hey there! I just bought Medal Of Honor 2010 from my local game store. It install smothly then finished smoothly. But when i tried to open the game (moh.exe), the game does not appear but appear this error!: General protection fault! History:GEvent::TryAcuireCancel() Adress = 0x7 a0385 (filename not found)[in D:/'my hard disk/medal of honor 2010/medal of honor/binaries/moh.exe] bla bla bla..and so on..to many to type. Well the main problem is 'GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT' That was the main problem and error. I hope there are some kind and very honest human and NO MORE MICROSOFT/WINDOWS SCAM in
  3. Hello, I have a problem during the installation of a software (the software is Battery 4) When the installation starts, this error occurs: Runtime error in setup script: Line 438: access violation at address 74A715DA in module 'version.dll'. Read of address 00000004 So I cannot install my software. How can I fix this error?
  4. Shutting down problem, whenever I tried to shutdown It sucks to logging of window..but it when I restart windows it start with no errors, but doesn't shut down, so I hibernate my computer...and one more problem is that some of the programs always stop responding, that's the common problem in windows 7...really a headache having windows 7..can you help with these errors.
  5. Hello, I have Windows XP, and when i try to log in as a user which didn't have a password the log in screen freezes and i hear the error sound. The computer was acting normal until i updated it, now only the users who had a password(only i had a password), can't log in. :( I tried scanning it with Malwarebytes' and there were no viruses found, currently scanning it with avast. Please help! :( -Daniel -- P.S Sorry for my English, i'm from Poland
  6. So I have this old emachines computer that has system32 errors and won't boot.. So I put in the windows xp install cd in there and the booting process just continues as if the cd isn't even in there.. I put the windows xp cd in my primary computer and it recognized it so it's not the cd. I put the windows 7 install cd in the emachines computer and it recognized it so that means the cd drive works. I am totally stumped as to why the computer won't boot the disc. Thanks for help in advance! Henry
  7. Hey everybody ! :) This is my first post so bear with me, Today i was visiting my elderly aunt when all of a sudden the phone rang with a long distance call. She picked up the phone and just by her responses i could tell that it was a fraudulent microsoft scam so her being not so technology savvy called me over to the phone. She told the telemarceter and he happily complied but as soon as he said "Hi my name is Mike and i am calling from microsoft windows" I quickly replied back in a louder more aggressive tone and said "This is a scam !" and then he proceeded to tell me how i didn't know it
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