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Best way to format an EXT4 drive on Windows 11?


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Hey guys,


I pre-ordered a Steam Deck from Valve and am now waiting for it to arrive, but before it comes I wanted to pre-build an MicroSD card so that I can then just pop it in and be done with all the downloads and whatnots. I checked this guide and they said that it's doable, but I'm missing the steps and the right software. 


The thing is, it needs to be an EXT4 drive, and I just recently updated to Windows 11 and I'm out of options for a partition tool that could help me out with that.


Do you have any recommendations for a trial-based partition manager that can create an EXT4 on Windows 11? I'm asking for trial since I'll be literally using it just once, then once the Steam Deck arrives I'll be able to format all my cards directly on it.


If it means anything, I do have a laptop with an SD Card reader and the card in question is a SanDisk Extreme series, 1 TB (this one).


Thank you!


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