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Installing Windows XP Home Edition - Part 5


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Enjoy Using Windows® XP!


You'll now have to let Windows improve the visual elements, to do this click OK. [see pic below]


Now Windows will adjust your screen resolution and if succesful click OK to continue. [see pic below]


Windows should now start to load so be patient. [see pic below]


Click Next to continue. [see pic below]


Choose in which way you computer will connect to the internet and then click Next [see pic below]


Now you can choose if you want to Activate Windows, you will have to activate eventually but there is no reason to activate just now. So choose your preference and click Next [see pic below]


Add your name as a user and anyone elses name and then click Next [see pic below]


You've now finished installing Windows XP, so click Next to go to your desktop. [see pic below]


You should have now arrived at the Windows XP Desktop and you can start to use your new Operating System.



As you can see Installing Windows XP is very easy, there is little user input required and when you are required to enter information it is fairly striaght forward.


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Like expertec, I have done this a billion times. But this is one of the best, if not the best tutorials I have read. I hope some people read and learn from this! :thumbup:

I just have one question. How do you take screenshots of the things before Windows has loaded? Like during Setup and such?

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