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Cannot read data CD-R


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I know there is data on some of my CD-R's made on another computer with Win2000 (I am running WinXP).... It even shows in the properties that there is no free space on the CD... BUT, there in NOTHING in the folder on the CD. Has anyone come accross this?

I have also tried looking at the CD on a computer with Win 2000, and I get the same problem. What went wrong? I made like 10 CDs all the same way and about half I can read no problem and the other half, I am having this issue.

Any tips on getting the data off these CD's? I need it and I can no longer access the original data.



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Unfortunately, I think your CDs may be coasters. If you've tried reading them in 2 computers and you're seeing the same results, it's most likely the CDs were a bad burn. This means the data on them is corrupt, and won't be recoverable.

To keep this from happening in the future, you may need a new burning software or new drive. Most CD/R errors are caused by something called "buffer underrun". This is where the CD/R drive receives data slower than it writes it, and thus ends up running out and writing bad information on the disc. Most good burning software includes some kind buffer underrun protection, and most every quality drive manufactured in the last 5 years (at least) includes hardware buffer underrun protection.

As far as software goes, Ahead! Software's Nero package is pretty good for the price. I'm sure some of the other members here know of free alternatives though that probably do an equally good job.

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