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Preventon & Digital Defender

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Some more thoughts on freebies from the list that may be new to members.

Digital Defender& Preventon one based in London and the other in Fareham, however apart from a different colour scheme and logo they appear identical.

Unfortunately not ones I can test out properly, why ? Well while they suggest that signature updates are cumulative, the initial signature database isn't, you need to download the entire ridiculously large 81Gb file in one go and as my test machine is a lappy with dial up, actually getting the thing to a condition where I can run it is impossible. They don't even provide a link so that you could get at the file with a download splitter.

Pros :- Simple to use no frills freebie, both have achieved a VB100 pass.

Cons:- Too many cuts made in the free version, no scheduling, no mail check and only one update a day, I have no idea if it works or not!! They have also rather too many VB100 failures to engender confidence.

I'll have to leave more in depth research to others. But I have to say that I'd not use either when alternatives like avast, AVG et al exist.

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