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Transferring files problem


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I bought a new laptop the other day, a Dell Inspiron 15R, unfortunately, it doesnt have a Firewire port and i want to use it for video editing.

But i figured no problem really, i'll just capture on my desktop (About 3 years old Acer M1610, Vista Premium) that i have been previously using to edit on, using Premiere pro to edit, HDVsplit to capture, and then transfer the files over to the laptop using a USB or possibly trying to setup a home network.

I decided to use the network option, as i have lost my USB.

But when transferring files from the desktop onto the laptop via the router using ethernet cables, the speed is about 250 kb/s and when its the other way around, from the laptop to the desktop, the speed is 10 MB/s!! When i tried to transfer the files for the first time,(6.65 GB) the estimated time was over 9 hours!!

But then as a test, i tried to transfer just one video file, (30MB) that took over a minute and a half. And so as another test, I transferred the same file back onto the Desktop from the laptop and it took about 5 seconds!

Why is this? I really need to find away to speed this up as the overall files i want to transfer are over 5GB+.

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Hi there,and :welcomewf:

Poor network transfer speeds can sometimes be down to anti-virus and firewalls running.

Turn off both, on both computers when doing a transfer and see if it makes a difference.

Heuristic scanning in the background can cause a real block, scanning every file moved !

Norton, and a good few others slow up computers on a daily basis with their antics. :angry:


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I'm on a mission.

We always suspected on the forum here that you were on something. :)

Return to port at once. You've got the wrong ship. Breakfast mushrooms were "Magic". Apologies from Galley staff.


Any luck in getting the transfer speeds up Roguey ?


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