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Open source Windows like OS


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Hey folks, not sure this is really "essential" but thought it might be interesting to some of you. Came across an open source OS that is actually based around Windows NT, thought it was pretty cool, an alternative to Windows for those who aren't ready or wanting to get into Linux. I haven't had a chance to downloaded it and test the alpha version yet but i think I'll throw it onto VirtualBox tonight and let everyone know what I think. Info here if your interested!

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Having found this I thought I'd check up on ReactOS. The project is still live and the latest release came out November 2018. It's still however only classified as an Alpha release. So if you want to run an antiquated Windows 95 lookalike then here's an option. May be fun to play with if you've got an archaic old PC knocking about somewhere but if you want a stable OS that does the job for nothing, use Mint.  

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