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Can't rightly say if this is "essential software," but I know a few who swear by it.:huh:

Hope someone gets a little use out of it.

As always, create full images or clones of your hard drive(s) with all of the partitions thereon (those you wish to keep safe, anyway), before you cause a tutonic eruption within the vitual world of your hard drive. If a question arises dealing with content such as, "My wont crank since i used a partition manager. How do I replace the partitions back the way they were so I can reboot my Windows system and recover 20TB of data?"

Of cours the answer is.................

You guessed it. Images or clones or whatever you use to back up not only your data, but the operating system as well. Picture an image -if you will- of a perfectly functional operating system frozen in time. Waiting for a meltdown to happen so it can shine like the jewel of a tool it is.

Anyway, here's the link. Be careful to only download/install software you originally intend to get. I've seen a lot of problems caused by uncontrollable clicking on every thing that flashes or wiggles.:unsure:

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Yo my man.

Thanks for the link. :)

Unfortunately I got caught up in the world of music, fixing a family computer, an education meeting, and a few more irrelevancies.

By the time I got to your post, I read this:

"This giveaway is not available any more." :(


GIVEAWAY OF THE DAY.COM Is of course a fantastic source of free software.

It doesn't take a whole lot more brainpower to see how such software can have further usage when using the virtualizing/portabalizing software we have discussed ** HERE**

The easiest to use with "Giveaway of the day" stuff is

** CAMEYO **


The daily software given away (Giveawayofthe day.com) is meant to be "A One Trick Pony". You download it, you install it, - and that is about as much as you can do with it. It's not transportable, and if you let the 24 hours slip by, the serial you receive will no longer work if you try to reinstall, or put it on another computer.

By virtualization/portabilizing with software like Thinapp (Thinstall) or Cameyo, you create a package that can be transported to many machines.


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I may have scared off any potential posters by my diatribe of image ceation.

I have just reinstalled Win 7 on the wifes' laptop and I didn't think twice about installing this program onto it.

Thanks for posting , MANEMAN. It is always a pleasure reading your contribtions. In America they think one could learn a lot from a dummy. You have proved them right.:flowers: You are numeral uno in my book. No matter what the warden says about you.:ph34r:

All that other stuff about cameos and whatnot? I haven't been in any recent films. That I know of.:0 Although if I happen upon any spare time you know I'd love to learn how.

Speaking of GiveAwayOfTheDay, my posts have been edited or blocked for providing information of the sites downfalls. Such as occasional pop-ups. Some shady fudging of the positive and negative responses to a post (they only allowed a positive response. If one chose to click the negitive response, the positive would be enumerated), and the general censorship of the whole deal when tconstrucive critisizm was given.

I gotta go, folks. We'll see ya late.


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(Whilst we have already talked about Evalaze over in this thread ** HERE ** )

It is worth mentioning ** THINDOWNLOAD** are offering applications "Ready built with Evalaze" for free.

You can just download and run them. (No installation required)

These are only freeware applications anyway, but it does give some idea what can be achieved.


Cap'n Bludgard said: - No matter what the warden says about you.

Warden and the Matron both upset me this week. They said I was too sentimental.

That's a hurtful thing to say to a person who puts a lot of time and effort into being fully mental for most of the time.

John. :flowers:

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