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SecureIT Free Edition


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Well my trial of Trend Titanium proved problematic so I've gone back to testing freebies, this time it's SecureIT security suite this is one of the suites available comprising Anti virus based on the ClamWin engine, Anti Malware, popup blocker and a Firewall. Data on the website is sketchy so I've no idea where they're based.

Pros :- Comprehensive package and the firewall is good passes third party tests with no problems. Scan did find Eicar test file. Scan scheduling. Regular updates. There’s a support forum.

Cons :- Shedloads of false positives and if you leave it to quarantine automatically it can do quite a bit of damage to the Windows installation. Despite having real time set to “Warn”, it downloaded eicar without a peep. I know from the scan result that it detects eicar so this non response is troubling. Also with the settings on “Warn only” there doesn’t appear to be any way of getting it to deal with the file in question should you choose to do something about it. It just seems to be quarantine/delete everything it finds or do nothing.

To be honest this is the first of the freebies I've tried that I don't much like, the others have had occasional bugs or operational problems with a dial up link PC. This one is staying only as long as I need to download a replacement.

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