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Internal Network Card keeps disconnecting from network.


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Currently set up on a WPA2 network. It's 'g' band.

Anyway so my Fujitsu Amlio La1703 can't hold a stable internet connection. Sometimes it'll hold a network for 4 hours, sometimes literally 4 minutes.

The drivers are installed and up-to-date.

I'm using Windows Vista 32bit, 2GB of RAM.

The wireless card device is a: 'SiS163u' card made by Fujitsu.

To get the card working again I have to disconnect from the network when it goes from 'Internet' to just 'Local Only'

It takes 5 seconds only but it's annoying if I am downloading.

Sometimes I have to disable the card via 'device manager' and then flick the wireless switch off and on again to get it to be able to find networks.

All my power options are set properly. It wont turn the card off after a time. I'm running the laptop on AC power only.

I have no idea what keeps causing this. The router is only 5m away from the laptop. It seems like the signal strength is perfect and then suddenly it shows 'no signal'.

It's getting really frustrating. So I am thinking of getting another internal wireless card, maybe one that is 'n' enabled.

So could I buy any old 'n' internal wireless card/adapter and pop it in, download the drivers and it would work? Or is there going to be some sort of problem, like the BIOS wont like it or something..?

Please help lol!

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If you have only got an a b g wireless card in your laptop then it will have two connections, whereas the a b g n ones normally have 3 connections, which means adding another aerial to your laptop.

There are some n wireless cards around that run on two connections and might possibly solve your problem.

It seems strange that your connection can be up and running for four hours sometimes and only four minutes on others, it might be worth be worth contacting your broadband provider to see if they can help.

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