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WSUS Offline Update Supports Windows 8


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WSUS Offline Update Now Supports Windows 8

WSUS Offline Update is a very popular tool, it allows you to download all the Windows updates and install them manually. This means you can download all the updates from a machine connected to the Internet and update all the other machines which are not connected. This saves the time to download and update on multiple computers as you can easily update all the PCs by downloading a whole backlog of updates just one time. Handy also if you are doing a fresh install after a system crash.

The app has now updated to support Windows 8 updates as well. So you can download all the Windows 8 updates using this tool.

Just run the portable app and then select the language, your OS, and other settings, and then start the download process.

You can include service packs, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender and also C++ runtime libraries using the tool. In case you want to update multiple PCs, you can ask the app to create an ISO image, burn the ISO to a disk or thumb drive and you are ready to go.

You can download this portable program here: http://download.wsusoffline.net/

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Looks good - but when you connect direct to MS update - it first checks your computer to establish precisely which updates are applicable.

How does WSUS do that for all the computers it is used on? Surely each computer may have differing needs according to its hardware and software.

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I bloody knew you would be the first one on !

You've been a curmudgeonly, awkward, and argumentative old bastich since before Christmas, and now you are carrying it on into the New Year. Most people just take the crap I spout as gospel truth and just get on with it.

Oh no ! - Not you ! :ranting:

What I usually do is. - (and this is just me) - I use a clean just installed operating system, do a WSUS update download, set it to produce an ISO, and then burn that ISO to a DVD Disk, - on a monthly basis.

(cost = less than £2.50 per year)

You can if you wish use a re-writable disk, but I have never had a lot of luck with those in the past.

Let me explain further. Are you sitting comfortably ? - Then I shall begin.

(She unfortunately is dead now: http://www.digitaljo.../article/340518 )

Most of the people who helped form me into the man I am today are gradually dying off. - Daphne Oxenford, Jimmy Savile........................ But I digress from the main subject.

Tarquin Farrington-Smythe, the self-styled village computer genius turns up on my doorstep for the 20th time in two months with his computer that he has once again modified with Babylon toolbars Incredimail, and a program that shuts down "Services" in certain circumstances "Just to make it go that much faster"

Tarquin has perfected these "Speed Skills" to such fine detail, that his computer now only takes Windows 7 ten minutes to fully boot up, and he cannot understand why.

After a day or so I phone Tarquin and tell him that I will have to do a clean install of the operating system and all of his software. I make several visits to his home to pick up his software as and when he can find the disks. ( You can see the final invoice price creeping up even as I tell the story, - as transport costs are now involved.)

I pop in the last Disk Image that I made of his system (with his software programs ready installed) - 30 minutes max. - New operating system installed ! - Pop in the latest WSUS update disk and most of the updates are installed or overwritten without having to go through the mind cringingly slow Download / Install process.

Plug in ethernet cable, go to Windows updates just to check for any stray updates. Update CCleaner, and a few other things. Make new Disk Image for the next time that Tarquin decides to speed things up. :)

I keep the computer on the floor for about a week, and then ring Tarquin to say it has been a bitch of a job, but it is now ready for collection.

As I am retired, the majority of "nice" people get things done for free. Of Tarquins 20 visits in two months however, 15 visits coincided with my mealtimes, so I am ever so slightly pissed with the guy. He gets charged for more time than I actually put in, but it is still priced well below anywhere he could get it done locally, so I dont feel that bad about it. B)

Tarquin disappears into the sunset, ready and armed now to install the latest piece of go-fast registry cleaning software, and start the whole cycle all over again.

I hope that I have crafted and colourfully embroidered this reply well enough Sir, that you now have a greater understanding of the usefulness of WSUS Updater.

It is all about speed, and having the most important Windows security updates to hand to deploy without need of internet connection or worrying about download speeds. You are able to deploy critical updates speedily to a rebuilt system or many computers if you are running a network. Subsequent non-critical updates can be downloaded in the classic manner.

A question that often appears on forums is: " How do I back up my Windows updates " WSUS is the fastest way with the least hassle. There are other similar programs I know, - but I happen to use this one.

Thank you for helping me personally understand more fully the younger generations utterances of, -

"Old People Suck"

Now bugger off. :lol:

John. - who now displays a more exasperated avatar. :D

(aka - Rambling Sid Rumpo)

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Thank you for that excellent and compelling diatribe. I now feel suitable humbled.

I am almost frightened to ask this question again - but seeing as you are 256 miles away - I will.

"How does WSUS do that for all the computers it is used on? Surely each computer may have differing needs according to its hardware and software". ...... :fool:

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Well Alan old chap There is not an easy answer to the question without putting the whole operation into some sort of context. Although you would not be connecting to Windows Update Service, with offline update you would be connecting to - Windows Server Update Services. ------------ Still Microsoft !

Now. Did I ever tell you of the time that Charles Farquhason stood on my doorstep with an Asus laptop ? It was a rainy night but the sky was clear enough to display a large full moon. Charles stood there, laptop in his hands, again looking dejected as I had seen him many times before The trickles of rain on his brow reflected the moonlight, and............. :lol:

The only way that I can find to answer your question is firstly like this:

Offline Update is a tool developed in Germany. ---------- WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) is Microsoft.

"Offline Update" was not developed as a replacement for Windows Updates but as a tool to complement it.

As such, you can see "Differing needs according to hardware and software" and "establishing precisely which updates are applicable" are not relevant when using the tool (Offline Update) because it was designed to be used in conjuction with Windows updates.

With Offline Update you now have a way to get the most critical of updates installed on to a computer before you ever connect to the internet. Offline Update allows you to connect to Microsoft's Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Which looks at the operating system and not hardware, and then delivers updates, service packs, etc that you can save and deploy to a similar operating system. It will not deploy anything harmful or not relevant to that operating system. - It is coming direct from Microsoft.

So logically we can now see that Offline Update can be used as a standalone tool, or be used in conjuction with Windows Updates. Questions arising could therefore have differing answers due to which of the two contexts you wish to use the tool.

And now in someone else's words:

" The download script acquires the complete update library for selected operating systems from Microsoft's servers and uses them to create ISO images for CDs or DVDs as desired. Once downloaded, one can create ISO images per product and language or per language only. Or copy a subset of selectable updates on a USB Stick. On the target computer, the Update Installer.exe makes it easy to choose the update options you need (including the ability to back up your existing system files). And then a click on the Start button will quickly get your system right up to date.

A second component can be called from each individual computer that shall be updated, either locally or over the network. This will then evaluate the current computer against the available updates and install all missing ones plus a bunch of additional items like Internet Explorer, PowerShell, Windows Defender, .Net Frameworks, etc. "

Further information Here: http://myitforum.com...n-and-wsus.aspx

I was 256 miles away. At the moment I am parked up two streets away from your house !


Please do not make any further posts on this subject under names such as " Tariq Manwani of Indonesia" I am well aware of insider trading and will not answer your post.


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Tariq me old mate ! Why bless my cotton socks. Are you still a Hells Angels member Solihull Chapter ?

The times we 'ad eh ?

I didn't mean you when I said about posting, I meant that Tariq what lives the other side of the world ditn't I ? Dont want any of your tastie mates turnin' up on me doorstep do I ? Know what I mean ?

I See that you are still pushing website traffic up for a living then ? Drop 'round my gaff sometime and we'll go for a Tandoori. I've thought up a rich little honeytrap what I want to talk about with you.

By the way. Which doctor ?

I'm not into Fidel anymore like what you said. I dont waste me time doin' car business in Cuba anymore. I've cozied up with a geezer called Trotter over Peckham way. It's still international, and he reckons we could both be millionares by this time next year.

Pleased to see that Solihull is still your Domain.

Keep in touch mate. Dont forget to backup your updates.

Johnnie Capone.

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