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USB Problems ?


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"Here is a great tool for removing Windows Registry of USB drive entries. The program runs in the Windows console and removes all devices that are not currently connected."

Anything that states "Registry Cleaner" is like a red flag to a bull to me, so I wish that they hadn't have advertised this freebie in that way because it actually works very well, and removes very localized registry settings rather than doing a cleaning job. 001greenman.gif

USB problems with any computer that sits up on my bench ? - Well this is going to be my very first step in the future.

Pull out all connected USB devices, run this little tool, and you have eliminated at least one area where faults may be likely.

Download Link Below:


(Always make daily backups of the registry. And especially before making any changes to the operating system)

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Not sure if you meant this post as a joke...?

Why would anyone want to remove unused registry entries? Most likely you will reconnect the same USB devices again, and then Windows will have to reinstall the drivers.

To me this sounds like throwing out socks that you are not currently wearing from the drawer. Next time you need a fresh pair of socks you will have to buy new ones...

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"When a USB stick is connected to a PC the Windows operating system enumerates the device. In simple terms, this means Windows will check to see what type of device was just connected, a HID device, Mass Storage Devicet etc, it will also check the speed of the device.

During the enumeration process some registry entries are made into the Windows registry…this is where a hacker could get into your system and take control."

I would guess that someone is not altogether trustful of Microsoft's latest patches to overcome this threat ?

And / Or wants to do a belt and braces job just in case anti- malware should miss the threat in the registry Pat.

If that is the case, I can understand their way of thinking.

They do have a forum if you wish to ask more on this subject. http://www.getusb.info/xdforum/

Dont shoot me, I'm only the messenger. :0

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Here is a Microsoft article dated 12th March 2013 addressing such a USB threat: https://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2013/03/12/ms13-027-addressing-an-issue-in-the-usb-driver-requiring-physical-access.aspx?Redirected=true

The GETUSBINFO article and associated "Cleaner" was published by Richard Blanchard on 5th March 2013. Some 7 days earlier. I'm guessing the guy got infected and decided to try to clear the problem with his own little invention before the patch came out ?

I get computers to work on where I don't know whose old socks have been in which drawer Pat. It is a least nice to be able to go to one specific drawer and have a clear out before I even start to look at the rest of the computer. :D

I can see no harm in having this contained on a flash drive and using it where people are reporting USB problems. It would certainly clear out any corruption or misinformation that may be contained in a very specific area of the registry.


Both you and I have been very strong advocates of ERUNT in the past. (And more lately ERUNTgui )

Tweaking.com have a registry backup tool which uses the Volume Shadow Copy instead of the RegSaveKey API

(Advantages explained on their website) If you hadn't discovered it yet (It's about a year old now.) I thought I would just mention it for you and others. Here is a short video:


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