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Found 10 results

  1. I have bought steelseries siberia V2 Frost blue edition and i have this spark sound problem. I dont know why its happening. It always happens when i stream or have alot of sound on at the same time, like skype+youtube+a game+etc etc. Its something wrong with the usb ports cause my other sibera headset( not frost blue) works fine and they got jack phones or whatever its called. and its not the headset cause i dont have this problem on my moms laptop. So its something wrong with my computer. Any help would be awesome, i have looked for a solution on the internet for months without any luck. ;(
  2. Heya folks! First time on this forum, hope you all can help me out here. I recently upgraded both my PC to Windows 8 Pro (64bit). Now before I did this I copied a lot of files to an external HDD. It is a 1TB disk in a Rocketfish USB 3.0 enclosure. Now before I did this upgrade this drive was working fine. After the installations were done I noticed that my main PC was freezing up alot. At first I thought I had done something by updating the BIOS, but I noticed I started having the same issues when I connected the drive to my laptop as well. Here is the issue, basically the drive will mount and I can oped the root of it. I can see all the files, but if I try to open and files/folders it freezes up Windows Explorer and I usually have to reboot the PC as nothing will respond. I tried connecting it to my iMac with similar results. I ran a Check Disk on it and it found no errors. I am at a loss, I would really like to recover this drive as it is almost entirely filled with data (930GB out of 1TB). Any help is appreciated! And thanks in advance.
  3. I have Windows 7 64 bits on a new Lenovo Thinkpad E530 laptop (previously I had Windows 8 with the exact same problem). I connect an external hard disk drive via a SATA-USB interface. The hdd was previously the primary disk in a PC and also has a Windows 7 64 bits installation. I need to copy a few files from it. The device manager finds the disk drive and says that the device is working properly and that the latest driver is installed. But I have no access to it in the file manager. Even in the command prompt I cannot do "cd D:" but then get the reply that the drive is not ready. Device manager / Ext Hard Disk properties / Volume says that its status is "Not Initialized". Would it help to "initialize" the disk? How do I do it? Would an "initialization" remove the content of the disk? Is there another way? Thank you for any advice! Best regards to you all
  4. "Here is a great tool for removing Windows Registry of USB drive entries. The program runs in the Windows console and removes all devices that are not currently connected." Anything that states "Registry Cleaner" is like a red flag to a bull to me, so I wish that they hadn't have advertised this freebie in that way because it actually works very well, and removes very localized registry settings rather than doing a cleaning job. USB problems with any computer that sits up on my bench ? - Well this is going to be my very first step in the future. Pull out all connected USB devices, run this little tool, and you have eliminated at least one area where faults may be likely. Download Link Below: http://www.getusb.info/clean-windows-registry-of-usb-drives/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+GetUSBinfo+%28USB+Powered+Gadgets+and+more..%29 (Always make daily backups of the registry. And especially before making any changes to the operating system)
  5. Hey, Im in the process of building my own pc and I decided to go for windows 8 as the default os. I prefer to download the iso to a stick but I couldnt find a place to download said iso and a legit serial code. I tried to look on the official windows site but the only thing I find there is an upgrade assistant from older windows versions, but as I have a brand new system I have nothing to upgrade from. So I was wondering whether I can run the upgrade assistant on my laptop with windows 7 and choose to export it to usb, I know the option is there. This would mean that I could afford a brand new win 8 for the upgrade price instead of the regular full price so Im not sure whether thats actually gonna work. so if anyone can point me in a general direction it would be much appreciated :)
  6. I have recently noticed an issue on my machine that has caused USB devices to not be displayed in "Computer" or accessible from anywhere else while using normal mode. During diagnosis of the problem, I booted up in safe mode and noticed that all USB was working fine so came to the conclusion that there must be a software issue when in normal mode. I have also reloaded the USB hubs and updated my drivers but this still has not fixed my issue. I would be grateful if anyone could offer a solution or advise me of a way that I can see if an application is locking/using my USB ports. Computer info: Dell XPS 8300 Intel i7-2600K 16GB RAM nVidia GTS450 Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
  7. Okay, so here's the problem. When I boot up with my USB flash drive in (it has Windows 8 on it) it just keeps on beeping, and stays at boot screen. I can't even go into the BIOS setup. Any help? I'm on a HP Pavilion dv6, and the drive is bootable.
  8. Hi Guyz I am using windows 7 ultimate not genuine I want to know that whether there is any way to increase data transfer speed when transferring data from computer to removable media such as DATA WALLET, PEN DRIVE, MEMORY STICK.
  9. Hi! I have an Acer Aspire One AOA150 with WinXP sp3. I want to create a bootable usb for new install. I have no optical drive and no XPcd. I have only XP on existing HDD. I have tried many ways, but I always end up with error. I need a very spesific tutorial, because I am far from an expert. Is it possible to do this? Kjetil
  10. Hello there, this is getting very frustrating. I'm in the process of organising itunes files and listening to stuff which are stored on my external hard drive. I havn't used it for a while. My PC keeps disconnecting from it and then re connecting which means that my itunes keeps forgetting where all the music is stored. It's driving me mad. I don't think its the hard drive itself because I've noticed things like this happen before, for example with my phone and usb memory sticks etc. I think the problem is with my USB ports. Does anyone know anything I can do to fix this problem before I go completely mad? Thank you!
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