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There is no definite rule that certain BBCode tags have to do what they do everywhere. It's simply just a way of parsing a consistent HTML template out of non-HTML text, because allowing users to post using HTML can be a security risk, unless you take real care, when sanitizing user input. There are standard ones; , , , etc... But there's no rule that says has to be italics, as it could be made to mean underline, and you could even have one called [blah123] to do whatever else you wanted it to do.

For this to be (100%) beneficial to users here, it would have to be fore the specific BBCode that this forum uses, as not all the tags mentioned in those links will be available here. Otherwise, it mainly just helps other forum admins understand what BBCode is and how it works. To create a BBcode tag though there's more to it than those links portray. In most cases you also have to have knowledge of Regex in order to decide what text to parse and how it is to be interpretted for formatting.

However this is not really "programming"... HTML is not a programming language, and since BBCode is really just a wrapper for it, it's not a programming language either.

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