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Someone recommended a search engine here that does not track

Lamb Chop

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When I updated to Windows 7 lost it and now cant find it anywhere and stuck with Google which seems t be more and more into owning us all - spooky.

It was something like sxry and has 2 versions.

Any ideas?

As goodgle keeps wanting me to join or something and IE 11 is spooky too has got all of my email addresses and want me to put them in live. I didnt give them an alternitive but they took it anyway. lalalalalal spooky music plays

:ranting: :ranting: :ranting:

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Thanks Alan thats it - but when I tried to add it to Firefox - it said cant do it already got it. But not there as far as I know. Weird? or me more likely :wub:

I am on Firefox 24. Tried to add it to IE11 but says only able to be added to IE7. Or Chrome.

How do I check on what search engines on Firefox? Tried searching on options but nothing.

Am proceeding to other link and will get one on there if I can. But would like to know anyway why FF says has it when Icant find it.

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See my gremlins at work. I checkedthe plug in folder and add ins and even went to the FF Program folder nothing there re IX BUT shut down and boot up today and voila - not only is it there - but twice. Ha Ha. Overnight cyberfixers came in and fixed it. Gee Whiz.

Thanks Alan.

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I think we have to try to stop the tracking.

I use Mask me on Firefox and IE11. It also can be added to Chrome.


And also have the latest Opera http://download.cnet.com/Opera/3000-2356_4-10005498.html

which is teriffic too and displays particularly newspapers clearer than either of the other 2 browsers and is very fast

and it too can havea tracking blockers added as Mask Me doesnt support it yet. It is called Disconnect.


What else can we do but try? And Identity theft plus annoying emails cluttering up your In box has to be stopped if possible and why would people invent a way to do so if it doesnt work?

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