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Blank icons on start page in 8.1

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I refreshed my Win 8.1 system and now have the following problem. Whenever I log in, all of the icons on the start screen are blank. When I expand to all apps I still have blank icons. After using the laptop for a while, some of the icons fill in; however, some of them never fill in. I've run all of the troubleshooting programs, I'm fully updated with windows update, I've run Malwarebytes and have nothing detected, and I've restarted the system numerous times. Everything else seems to be working properly, so this appears to be a specific problem I would appreciate any help you can provide.

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Do you mean that the thumbnail images are not showing? You can try this.

(Control Panel > System and Security > System > Change Settings > Advanced tab > Performance)

I forget what the option is off hand, but there is a checkbox that enables a preview of thumbnail images. If you refreshed your system, then perhaps some features were disabled to help speed up performance.

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