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Windows 10, USB & ISO/DVD install.

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Pinched from another forum for those that want to do the USB or ISO/DVD install, as a lot of people are having trouble getting the OS activated after using those methods.

Folks, be very careful here. Ms has a very specific order on how the upgrade will happen for those of your not part of the insider program:
1. MS will download the upgrade folder onto your Win7/8.1 computer.
2. MS will give you a screen shot that it will notify you when MS is ready to upgrade your computer.
3. MS will notify you that the upgrade is ready to install.
4. You can then upgrade your computer.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORCE ANY OF THESE STEPS! The reason? You may not get an activated copy of Windows 10 nor a valid Windows 10 license. Those HAVE to come from MS and there is no way to force MS to give them to you. The worst case is that you have to start all over again by doing a complete reinstall of your Win7/8.1 OS and then having to wait for MS to once again do the steps above.
PATIENCE. MS has hundreds of millions of computers to upgrade. Yours may be not slated to be upgraded until a day, a week, or several weeks from now. MS simply cannot do them all at once. MS is in control here, not you.

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