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windows 7 to windows10

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I have a question. It is this. I and another  family member  are running windows 7  Professional in our home. I am  using the same  modem and routed the  the other home users   computer. I know in Jan   the support for windows  ends.  I wan to to stay with windows 7 and not upgrade to  10, the other home user is going to windows 10. If i stay with  windows 7 being we are routed to gether will it  harm  his  windows 10 in any way?

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As per my information I don't think using both Windows 10 and outdated Windows 7 in a same network connection will affect anything until your outdated Windows 7 got malware attack (very likely due to Windows stopping any security update to Windows 7) then your network may get affected. 

Regularly updating your other Windows 10 PC along with Windows Defender or any other 3rd party Antivirus may help.

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On 4/7/2020 at 2:38 PM, Washburn said:

You better upgrade to Windows 10,this is what you should do,as Windows 7 is no longer supported,Windows 7 will be easily violated by viruses in the future.

An OS that is not supported by Microsoft is vulnerable to malicious attacks,in order to avoid damage to the work,it is best practice to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible.Or switch to other OS,like Linux,it works great too.

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