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Resolved - WIFI Network

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I have an hp LaserJet 1320 printer that is directly connected to my Desktop computer by way of a USB port; the Desktop is connected to a Time Warner Cable router by way of an Ethernet cable.  The printer prints fine and has never been a problem.  The Desktop operating system is Windows XP Pro.  I also have an Lenovo Ideapad 110 Laptop, operating system is Windows 10 Home, that I can access the internet by WiFi.  The only way I can print from my Laptop is to email the documents to my Desktop and then print from there.  I have tried to connect to my printer by WiFi but haven't been able to.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  I suspicion the printer does not have wireless capability.  Therefore, I am considering purchasing a Print Server and if I do does anyone know if I will be able to print from my Desktop as it is, and my Laptop by using the Print Server?  I hope this isn't too confusing.  As always I will appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance.
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The link you provided is for an HP LaserJet 1320nw Wireless printer, my printer is an HP LaserJet 1320.  I had hopes that one of our other members might also have the same type printer I have and might know.  I have searched but have not found information regarding whether the 1320 can be connected by WiFi or not.  That is why I also asked the question regarding a Printer Server.   

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Sorry, I didn't realise your printer was quite so ancient - 2004-ish vintage ?

The base 1320 only had parallel and USB interfaces - no wireless capability built in.

- with the N suffix, it means Network and with a W - Wireless

Why don't you just disconnect the USB cable from the printer to desktop at the printer, and plug the laptop into it with another USB cable when you want to print from it?

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Most likely it would be easier to just continue what I am doing, emailing the documents to the Desktop and printing from the Desktop.  And yes it is an old printer but as I said earlier I have not had one problem with it and I have used the print on both sides more times than I can remember.  So my assumption was correct, and I cannot with WiFi use my printer to print from my Laptop!  So, I am back to purchasing a print server; does anyone know if I will be able to continue printing from my Desktop with the setup as is and also printing from my Laptop utilizing a Print Server with its setup?  Seems I may need Geek Squad to make a home visit and help me.  Oh, well...     

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