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Opinions on Opera GX The "Gaming" browser.

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so opera GX is a browser, launched by opera, targeted at gamers, and for me the most prominent feature that's useful out of the box from setting it up, is the ability to control the CPU and RAM usage of the browser. 😉



Opera Software has launched a customized version of its Opera Web browser which it calls the 'world's first gaming browser'. Called Opera GX, the new Web browser is targeted at gamers and other users who would want to customize their PC experience. Opera GX is now available on Windows in an early access version. Opera GX includes all the features found in the main Opera Web browser apart from a bunch of new features.

Source: Opera Launches 'World's First Gaming Browser', Lets Users Set CPU, RAM Limits



so what are your opinions on this "gaming" browser? it's useful even if not for "gaming". 😁



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On 8/23/2022 at 2:59 AM, Belatucadrus said:

Good review here at Levvvel

Seems that as an Opera variant thats source is Chrome it's a solid competent browser that looks a bit odd but comes with some nice extra features though how suited these are to gamers is open to question.   

Could be worth a go.

Yeah, I'm already using it now, it's based on chromium, so it can work with Google Chrome extensions and the CPU and RAM limiter is very useful...

I'd say this is also a good browser for machines that are quite on the low end of the performance range...

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