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Found 5 results

  1. Dell Vostro 1320 with Win 7 Pro 64 I have no problem accessing the internet via WiFi at home, Starbucks, McDonalds, and most public hotspots. But I cannot get my laptop to redirect properly at SFO airport. It used to work and I can get on with my phone set on WiFi, so I know WiFi works there, but my laptop won't re-direct properly. When I click on the SSID and connect, I get multiple bars on my WiFi RSSI indicator. But when I open a browser, either IE or Firefox, it says internet is unavailable. It is hard to troubleshoot because it only fails at SFO airport; it works everywhere else. I worry about messing up my WiFi connectivity everywhere while I try to fix this one location I suspect maybe there is a DNS error or similar broken look-up link, but I don't know how to fix it
  2. I got xampp setup on my Windows 7 for website testings. I have created multiple sites and am able to view them all on my machine running the server. I would like to view some of the sites on my iPhone, but am not able to. My server ip is '' One of my sites: 'siteNumber2.loc' On my iPhone host file, I have added this line. siteNumber2.loc I get a 'unable to resolve the server's dns address' message. My iPhone is connected to wifi on the same network.
  3. Hi WIN2003 SP2 machine has an uptime robot installed, to check 200 DHCP machines in LAN, every 3 minutes, if they are online. It checks over the host names and not over IP addresses. This costs a lot of traffic on internal AD DNS servers, so I would like to install DNS service on this machine locally. My problem is to choose appropriate DNS zone: stub, secondary, forwarding etc.? Thanks in advance for any help - much appreciated!
  4. first, please excuse me if the answer was readily available but I went through all the following query results in vain. I'm using a NetLimiter on Windows 7, which a screenshot is attached, and it works as expected when I actually get a connection to programs/processes. 2/3 of the time, connection don't get through and the difficulties even reach low enough (ISO level) to affect ping (command-line). Ping will sometimes not get through and sometimes do get through although with a pathetic 1st or 2nd reply, effectively getting better, and other times get worse through the ping seeing such behavior, I'm wondering which process, image name or title/label, is responsible for DNS resolving ; so I could set it to high priority. I tried to set a few processes to high (network priority) but my attempts were failures. it's likely either the ones I tried (at high) weren't for DNS resolving or the netlimiter fail to consider DNS ; high = none, normal = some, low = lots. for my process screening I've looked at the process image names in reverse order of total downloaded bandwidth. the context is me using an offline downloader to low (bandwidth) priority, which seem to be the sole responsible for taking so much bandwidth that almost none is left for others. what usually happen using such program is the server bandwidth being lower than my provider maximum speed so I have some left out to do not-so-high internet usage, AKA non-video-streaming. now being on a limited connection, dial-up, I've set that high-bandwidth process to low priority using the netlimiter. I expected normal/high process to have no problem accessing internet just as there was about no other internt usage. the workaround I came up with is to cap the offline downloader, to 2-4 kbps, which leave me 1-3 kbps for other programs. the downside to this is all the time I'm actually not using that little bandwidth (chatting, reading forums, etc.), I'm taking even longer to complete the download. the workaround to the workaround was to keep turning that absolute limit on & off. I'd really like the netlimiter to do as expected, which is imposing relative limits, so I wouldn't have to use absolute ones ; the latter wasting bandwidth or annoying me to switch on & off regularly. I'd appreciate help with bandwidth relative limitation but my main concern ATM is to find which process(es) is/are responsible for DNS resolve. thank you kindly
  5. Hello all, I need help. Losing. My. Mind. Web pages either load lightning fast, or they never load at all. The issue occurs, regardless of browser, OS, or computer/client. (See below for more details on network set-up). I'm getting only ~90% of ping responses (inside of 10 seconds). But, not all the time. See attached. I think I've ruled out DNS issues, by switching from my ISP's (Rogers) DNS to OpenDNS. My ISP has sent a tech out, they say it's on my side. Router/Modem: Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway (Modem/Router combo), wifi enabled -WEP 64, DHCP. I had to change the IP address on it to to get it to work. My switch likes to default to 2nd Router/Switch. Cisco E2000, with wireless disabled, (I believe) acting only as a switch only. I've disabled the DHCP server on it, disabled NAT, enabled Dynamic Routing. Network Device Summary Hardwired to Router Network Attached Storage, running Linux Win 7 Desktop #1 Boxee Box, running XBMC, HTPC #1 Second Router (Switch) (E2000) Hardwired to Second Router (Switch) (E2000) Win 7 Desktop #2 WD Live HTPC #2 Dual boot XP/Ubuntu Desktop #3 WiFi (connected to Router) Brother MFC-J6510DW (brand new, issue was occuring before I got this) Win 7 Laptop Win XP Laptop iphones...android phones...guest laptops... I have Netmonitor installed on one computer, and wireshark on another....but I don't really know what I'm doing/looking at - need help to use these tools effectively. Maybe give me pointers/tips/filters to use? Maybe a way to look for relevant errors(?) I can stream local HD movie files, without problem. Online video chat, works acceptably well. Sharing files works flawlessly between computers. It's just web-pages are SO flakey - it's like they have a mind of their own. They won't load for 5 minutes, then all of sudden, I'll give up, then that page will load 5 minutes later. Thanks to all who read this. Any pointers? Tips? Links?
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