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Found 5 results

  1. I am having a strange hardware problem with my computer lately where it freezes while doing any major processing. By freeze, I mean that it totally dead locks up. No mouse, no keyboard, unable to CTRL+ALT+Delete just dead in the water until I restart. The freezing comes after about 10 minutes of standard usage. It won't freeze if the computer is left alone not doing anything. When it is being used to do stuff it will freeze after about 10 minutes. I know that this is a hardware issue because this freeze problem happens regardless of whether Windows is running or not. I tried running Memte
  2. Hi, I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 I play a number of games which require internet connection, when playing a game and my charger is not plugged in after a while I will loose connection to the internet. I then try to disconnect and reconnect to the internet however when I try to reconnect the laptop freezes to a point where I am forced to reboot the PC. Does anyone have a similar problem/solution to this, I don't mind having my charger in all the time but I don't really want to discharge my battery so quickly. This problem never occurs when my Charger is plugged in. t
  3. I have a computer running Windows 8 that doesn't consistently boot all the time. I built this computer, and when I first installed Windows 8 it worked fine. I then went out and bought a Samsung 480 Pro 120 GB SSD. I updated the firmware and everything, then did a clean install of windows onto it. It worked great for awhile, but it has began to act up. 1 out of every 2 times I start my computer I see the BIOS screen, the Win8 loading screen, then my lock screen wallpaper comes up. The networking icon shows a yellow triangle with an exclamation point, and the computer does not respond to th
  4. Hi, of late, my windows 7 enterprise has been freezing up for no particular reason. i have been using this computer for some time now with no problem, until about a week or so ago when i first detected that some programs were not running properly. how it typically goes is this: first, a particular program would go into 'not responding' mode. i have noticed this first culprit program is almost always ms office or adobe reader. i would then try to close this program through task manager, which somehow is not able to close it. i have tried using other applications to force close stubborn program
  5. howdy forums, so, i have been having odd computer freezes for the past couple of months now, and i have really no idea whats going on. I've talked to my geek friends and I've gotten explanations all across the board. "it's your NIC", "It's your powersupply" "it's your RAM" When it freezes, EVERYTHING stops. (duhh) anyway, the only way to get it out of the freezes is to press restart button on my case or flick the switch on the back of the power supply. I'm sure that that's really bad for the computer. One time it froze, It actually tried to fix itself and went to a blue, memory dump s
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