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Found 5 results

  1. I have a corrupted word file. When I open it, I have this window message : An application error has occurred and a application error loges being generated winword.exe Exception access violation (0xc0000005).Adress : 0x301c401f. It is possible to restore this file ?
  2. Hi. I think I replaced my original windows 8.1 64 with a fake one. The scenario of what I did is given below: I purchased a hp laptop with original windows 8.1 64 preinstalled. I downloaded Microsoft Office with toolkit from torrent because I did not want to buy ms office. First I installed the office setup.exe as per instructions. Then I opened the Microsoft toolkit. I had no idea how to use it. I pressed the windows logo instead of the office logo. Then I selected windows 8.1 and I clicked activate, backup, check, check status, etc randomly. I had no idea what I was doing. Now I think I replaced my original windows 8.1 64 with a fake one. I cannot update my windows and it is showing error code 8024402F. Please help me on what to do. Please advise me whether I replaced my original windows. I want my original windows back.
  3. An Introduction to Microsoft Office 2013
  4. UPDATE: My .PST file is missing. It is NOT on the system. I do not mean my old backed up .pst file. I mean the default one on Windows. And because of it,. Outlook will not even start! Can someone PLEASE assist me!!!!!! I've been at this for TWO DAYS now and have lost my voice from screaming. Very simple: Old system was in bad shape (ran slow slow slow). Email program was Outlook from Office 2003. Exported a .PST file of everything, using instructions on Microsoft's site (an easy task). Reinstalled Vista and then Office 2003, plus Service Pack 3. Then tried to import the .PST file and the nightmare began. Long story short, we just keep getting a mess. A folder structure with NO EMAIL Account. So we try to add it and then we have two folder structures instead of one. They are separate and the wrong one has the email account!. We cannot add email to the correct one. We can only create a new email account, which creates yet another folder structure!! No way to combine them. I remember this happening years ago and I almost had a nervous breakdown (seriously) until someone showed me the exact, proper sequence to so it all. I cannot find this sequence and need help! I've used the nuclear option and completely removed Office from the system. I will not reinstall it. I will NOT open Outlook until I can be told how to properly do so, use that .PST file and re-create what I had prior. Why this is so insanely difficult is beyond me. I can build a PC with my eyes closed, but I cannot get stupid Outlook 2003 working.
  5. On my work computer, I have MS Office Starter 2010. About once a week, sometimes more often, I will attempt to open a document from either Word or Excel, and I will get an error message that says I need to repair MS Office. It will repair and go back to normal for another week, and then I have to do it again. Does anyone know a way to fix this permanently? I'm using Windows 7, SP 1, 64-bit. Thanks for your help.
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