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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. I recently updated my Intel laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 11, and I'm encountering some issues with my mouse pad. Prior to the update, the mouse pad worked perfectly fine, but now it's not functioning properly. I'm reaching out to this forum to seek advice and see if others have experienced a similar problem or have any potential solutions. Let me explain the issue in more detail. After the Windows 11 update, the mouse pad on my Intel laptop is behaving erratically. The cursor jumps around, clicks are not registering correctly, and sometimes the mouse pad becomes unresponsive altogether. This problem is making it difficult to navigate and use my laptop effectively. Here are the troubleshooting steps I have already attempted, but none of them have resolved the issue: Restarting the laptop multiple times. Checking for and installing any available driver updates through Windows Update. Uninstalling and reinstalling the mouse pad driver. Adjusting the mouse pad settings in the Windows 11 Control Panel. Despite these efforts, the problem persists, and I'm running out of ideas on how to fix it. I rely heavily on my laptop for work and other tasks, so having a functional mouse pad is crucial. If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your input. Is there a specific driver or software update that I might be missing? Could there be compatibility issues between Windows 11 and the Intel laptop mouse pad? Any insights or solutions would be highly valuable. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Best regards, Tammy Gombez
  2. Hello Every, I was facing this problem while using window10 x64 . Actually, I need guide how do we update firmware in win 2010 server. This was the question asked in my last interview. I told them using WSUS. The guy told me it is not. Kindly help me out Thanks in Advance Regards; Diksha
  3. Check out: https://www.techluence.tech/2019/10/google-chrome-dark-mode-for-android.html
  4. I recently did two updates (Windows update [manually – I am Windows 8.1] and MS Office 365 update [automatically via ‘Update Now’ within MS Office settings]) that created a host of problems including: -- Office hanging/”Not Responding” -- Office not recognizing printers (despite the fact all other programs can print no problem) -- And – most importantly to me – my entire system is much slower/jittery sometimes/freezes programs in use sometimes. Here’s what I have already done: 1. Tried rolling back to several different restore points (I manually create a new restore point before any update/install I do on my computer). No fix. 2. Uninstalled then reinstalled Office. Twice. No fix. 3. Microsoft tech support – 3 “levels”. No fix. They are now pushing me to allow them Remote Access to my computer and/or sending them SFC log (see below), neither of which I am comfortable with from a privacy perspective. They even tried convincing me to “create a new Windows/login profile”, which would mean the *massive* amount of customization/tweaking I have done over the years would be lost. 4. Command prompt “sfc /scannow” Windows System File Checker. The results of this were “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.log…………..”. This log is massively long and indecipherable to me. 5. Malware scans – I have run over half dozen and no malware detected. My questions are: 1. Should I run Windows System File Checker in Safe Mode? Does that make a difference? 2. Any other suggestions? Thank you
  5. Hi Guys, I am new here please need serious suggestion. I need Windows Server (latest version would be preferable). I took advice from few friends they told me to download it in ISO format and install it according to your need. I have read this article about the downloading Windows Server 19 in ISO file. I need suggestions that shall i follow this article and download it after purchasing the full version from official authors (as told in the article). Thanks in advance Regards Tina.
  6. My internet explore crashed after some time. I updated current version also but still i have same issue. Thank you in advance
  7. Hi. I think I replaced my original windows 8.1 64 with a fake one. The scenario of what I did is given below: I purchased a hp laptop with original windows 8.1 64 preinstalled. I downloaded Microsoft Office with toolkit from torrent because I did not want to buy ms office. First I installed the office setup.exe as per instructions. Then I opened the Microsoft toolkit. I had no idea how to use it. I pressed the windows logo instead of the office logo. Then I selected windows 8.1 and I clicked activate, backup, check, check status, etc randomly. I had no idea what I was doing. Now I think I replaced my original windows 8.1 64 with a fake one. I cannot update my windows and it is showing error code 8024402F. Please help me on what to do. Please advise me whether I replaced my original windows. I want my original windows back.
  8. I've always had Windows 8 in my notebook. Some months ago, I installed Ubuntu 13. Today, I wanted to delete it, so I deleted the ubuntu partitions from the Windows disk utility. When I restarted it, there is a message in a black screen, and a kind of terminal from ubuntu saying: [ GNU GRUB version 2.00-19ubuntu2.1 Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions. grub> _______ ] There isn't any way to enter Windows. Tried form the Sony Assist Button. It always appears this black screen.
  9. Does anyone know of any cross-platform apps for budgeting (mainly expense tracking) that will sync between my windows 8 tablet and my wife's iPhone? I've seen a bunch of grocery apps out there that will accomplish something similar, however none for budgeting yet. I also don't want it web based like Mint.
  10. I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 14.04 & Windows 8.1 just Yesterday. Now in Windows 8 There is a pecular problem. Whenever i interact with any object on the screen, the computer freezes, for about 30-40 secs. This happens almost all the time say 5-6 times in 10 minutes. The reason behind this was that DISK ACTIVE TIME which is shown by Task Manager spikes up to 100% & stays there for about a minute or so. But in Ubuntu, none of these things happen I can use Ubuntu Lag free comfortably The same thing used to happen with my previous Drive, so i got it replaced from WD, but even after replacing same issue still persists. Pls someone help. My System Config : AMD Phenom X6 1055T 2.8GHz Gigabyte 880GM-UD2h Kingston 4GB DDR3 HyperX WD Black 1TB
  11. When I launch Windows (7) I get an erroneous error message on my desktop that says ‘Driver has failed to load. This program will not continue’ but there is no indication as to which program it is referring to I haven't noticed a difference in any of the programmes I normally run Does anyone know what the message might refer to or how I could find out?
  12. I always use my windows in the maximised position but quite often they will launch in the half open (restore down) position. They will even change whilst I’m using other application windows; when I scroll back they are half open instead of fully open, as I left them I have tried dragging a half sized window up to the (computer’s) top left hand corner then dragging its opposite corner diagonally into the bottom right, as instructed by Windows but the technique doesn’t last long Does anyone know how to keep windows in full size?
  13. Hey Everybody, Stupid question, but is there a limit to the number of Ethernet Cards that can be included in a Windows 7 computer? I'm looking to add a third Ethernet card to a computer that has enough PCI slots to support that many, but I've never seen a computer that has had more then two. Is there a limit set by Windows on how many network connections it will recognize? - Jonathan Henderson
  14. Hey there guys, I'm new here and i keep being told different OS's that my laptop could run.I am now confused on which one would be best for my system,Like people are saying vista then windows 7 and then i'm being told windows 8 it's all so confusing. I will post my system specs to see what you guys think because i do not want to pick a lame one that will run slow or have problems,I would prefer one that is smooth for me. Laptop specs: Processor:Amd dual core 1.8GHZ 4GB RAM HDD:350GB HDD Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6380G Total available graphics memory: 2036MB Dedicated Video Memory: 512MB shared video memory: 0MB Shared system Memory: 1524MB Any suggestions appreciated,Thanks Stephen.
  15. So I am currently using windows server 2008 r (32 bit) and i am wanting to upgrade to Server 2012. There are 2 problems with this 1. you cannot upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit and 2. I am having to use the same computer for the server. I came up with an Idea and i was wanting to know if anyone thinks this would work. So I have both win server 2008 and 2008 r2 and I was wondering if I did a clean install of win server 2008 to 2008 r2 if i could load all of my informatinon onto the r2 through one of my routine backups that i have. Then I should be able to run the regular upgrade to 2012. Let me know your thoughts please! P.s. I have been an IT person for 3 months now so my knowledge is very slim.
  16. Hey, fellas. Long time no talk, I have Windows 8 but it is giving me way too many bug issues. I can't even activate software or set an image to my desktop. And I had to contact Microsoft because my product key wasn't working. And so I am thinking of going back to Windows 7. However, I do love the look and feel of Windows 8. I would like to know if anyone knows a way to set Windows 7 up a lot like Windows 8. I love the new File Explorer, skin theme, smoother taskbar, and stuff like that. (The tiles screen and corner menus are the only features I don't really have interest in.) Now I have found a few Windows 8 themes for Windows 7, but I want to double check everything here. What would be the "safest" way to do this operation? And also, does anyone know if Windows 8 File Explorer can be installed for Windows 7?
  17. Hi, I have two computers, one laptop with W8 and one destktop with W7. Since the last two weeks, I can't execute any exe file with the shield icon on it (shorcut or file), if i try a pop up windows open wich says Unknown Error. They DO open if I do right click and Run as Administrator. Both pc have antivirus software, W8 notebook came with trendantivirus and the W7 desktop have AVG free. I have google the problem, but found no answer.
  18. Alright, here's the deal. I built a PC, it works beautifully but here's the OS situation... I used my Laptop's Factory OS install disc, which doesn't ask for anyything at all it just makes your HDD Windows Vista. Awesome. Well I had a formatting issue later caused by all kinds of BIOS whoopsies... to straighted that out, I upgraded Vista to Windows 7 because I had a Windows 7 upgrade just sitting around. Well the problem is I installed Windows 7 Home Premium but my CD key is for Professional. Now Windows (rightfully) thinks my copy of windows isn't genuine because the genuine one would be Windows 7 pro. I tried entering the Windows pro key into the anytime upgrade thing but that didn't work and I dont know enough about windows to do anything other than just reinstall my OS... which I will do if I have to... I just dont want to. And I would just leave it ungenuine longer but I got a webcam and there's a drivers issue and windows is freezing the device saying it won't handle the drivers because my windows isn't legit... which is fair. It's not legit. But I have a CD key plz let me use it. I just dunno how.
  19. Trying to get online on my PC after work, no program that required internet connectivity, IE, Chrome, different video games, would work. Check modem and router, rebooted bout a couple times, checked cabling, cables are good. The PC seems to see the network cable when it's hooked up, however I'm still unable to connect to anything requiring the internet. WiFi works, same ethernet cable thats in the PC i removed and plugged into my laptop, with wireless turned off, and can surf fine so it's not a cabling splice or split issue. Device manager states theres no malfunctions with the NIC, have made no changes to firewall settings. Not real sure what else to do. Just get home, yesterday no issues, today can't get online. Running out of ideas to troubleshoot. Any help would be most appreciated. Modem & Router connectivity: Windows XP: TWC provider: No upgrades to software or hardware recently. Was working fine yesterday, today not so much.
  20. Hi ! I've got a laptop (ASPIRE 7551G by ACER) with windows 7 factory installed (so no installation CD) and I'd like to resotre it to it's factory settings (I'm afraid there are a lot of junk on it and I don't need any files on it anymore, so it's ok if everything is removed) Is there a way ? Thanks !!
  21. I require to disable access to certain fields like Printer Properties button and number of copies option in print dialog of Windows Xp/ 7, through windows registry option. Please help me! With thanks and regards, Mukul
  22. Hi i have 3 windows computers on my Mac Network and i have 10.8 server Mountain Lion running open directory. Im wondering is there anyway that i could login through the windows computer connected to the open directory mac.
  23. Hello. I'm new in this forum and I'm Portuguese, so maybe my English isn't the most correct. I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and I've a problem with some AD users in Windows 7, that some times cannot change folders name, move or delete some folder/files because those are in use by other program. This users have their documents sync with the server to a directory with the name of the user and full control in their folder. When they report the problem, I go to the server - Share and storage management - manage sessions and close the session or session of the user in the server. By doing this action, the user can do what he want to do. I'm looking for a way to prevent this from happening or a explanation or cause that justifies this behavior of windows. Thank you for helping!
  24. I downloaded the GTK "All in one Bundle" from their website, and later had trouble figuring out how to install it. This is what I did. I have the zipped folder on my desktop. I right clicked on it and extracted all files to my desktop. So now, I have two folders there, the zipped and extracted. I don't have the slightest clue with what to do next. I thought that extracting the files would create a setup icon. I've been trying to research into the process, but I'm not understanding anything. Would anyone be able to help me?
  25. I wanted to change the music file in imageres.dll. Well, I dont know if it specifically that but when I restarted my computer I couldnt log in to my account because.........there were no accounts to log in. I could see only the light blue windows 7 background. Help please!!!!!!!! I also took control of all system files if that helps
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