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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, First post! Hope this is in the right category although it may coincide with security. There is one computer (where I work) where it is absolutely essential that the sound remains on at all times. We have found that users sometimes turn this off as it can be a little offputting but it must remain on. Emails from supervisors and verbal notices have not changed the situation. Removing the audio icon from the taskbar changed nothing as the user just goes directly into the Control Panel. My question is, can I disable all audio settings throughout the machine so they always rema
  2. Hello, The office uses some important software (designed for xp) which runs poorly when the Aero setting "Use visual styles on windows and buttons" is enabled in system properties, performance options. I know you can use the "Disable window's composition option" to disable Aero whenever an application is started; however, a less crude fix would be preferred. Hopefully one that leaves Aero features unaffected for other windows. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Hello Windows Forum! Q: Does anybody know of a way to keep certain dialogue box settings the same? The original problem I was having was changing the paper from A4 to A3 every time I needed to print a drawing in the office I work in. This problem I was able to solve by changing the settings in the printer driver. However I often come across small changes that I'm making hundred of times a day and I'd love to learn how to get them to stick. For example, when I select 'File'>'Save As' in Word I'd like to keep the 'Save as type:' as *.doc instead of *.docx. My fairly limited knowledge le
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