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One of the most popular,easy to use, and "Free" Windows Registry backup and optimization tools got a whole lot easier to use when krtech-software introduced the GUI version.

To be truthful the original was never that difficult to use, but the whole look and feel gave it an appearance of perhaps being more suited to "The Power User" than the average guy in the street. Things are now a little more self explanatory with a custom designed front.


An excellent review and explanation of the current form of the software can be found here: [/size]http://www.freewaregenius.com/2010/11/08/erunt-gui-backup-and-restore-your-registry-with-a-single-click/

ERUNT GUI can be downloaded direct from the the program home page ** HERE **

(More "Free Goodies" on that site also) - Or from another source: ** HERE **

(Not sure if it works for 64bit ?)

Links to the original ERUNT for those who want to know more, and who like to surround themselves with a bit of "mystique" whilst showing their computer skills off to family and friends is still available at the program developers website: **Lars Hederer**

At first I wasn't going to do it, but I cant resist putting in a little "Movie" to appeal to some who still like to find "The Child Within." Sit comfortable in your chair now Jobe. Dont spill your popcorn all over the place, and try to be a good boy now. :)


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I am duly impressed. That'll do. That'll do.:clapping:

I'm drinkin' milk. And one of these days I'll grow up to make movies, too.:lol:

I have heard of ERUNT before but have never used anything to automatically create backups. i suppose one would utilize this tool if a lot of programs are frequently installed and removed on a permanent operating system. i usually test drive and run programmes for a week or three virtually. If I like the software and will put it to use, I'll think about installing to Grace.

By the way, MANEMAN, I had some popcorn, but it wasn't of the buttered variety. I try to stay healthy and green.B)

I'm needing another machine....:huh:

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