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My earliest try at virtualization is when I installed a Virtual Machine on the dreaded Windows ME operating system. I installed Windows 98 on the VM, and the computer ran properly for the first time since purchase.

Anyone not having used Windows ME will not see the joke intended there.

I started to use Altiris Software Virtualization Solution which they gave away free, around about 2006. Really good system, and I still run it on XP. (Wont run on Windows 7 of any flavour.) It had a good community of people who developed it and posted on a regular basis.

Symantec stepped in a bought them out, became all secretive, integrated it into their junk, and basically ruined the whole project.

I have tried out various virtualization software one being "Returnil" which is mentioned on our forum *** HERE ***

If you have a favourite piece of virtual software that you would like to talk about. Please share it with us.


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I have used VMware for many years, but ran into difficulties when trying to compile and link a large project. (The link would complete, but always produced non-executable results.)

After Microsoft released the free Virtual PC software, I have used it ever since. Installed it just yesterday at the book store, when a new accounting software wouldn't install on English Windows. Installed Japanese Windows under Virtual PC, and all is well.

All in all, it's much easier than having a multi-boot system.

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The whole concept of virtual virtuality is intriguing to me. Even though I do not have years of experience with VMs, I find that these entities are quite useful in the way of adding an additional layer of "security" to the computing environment, being able to choose what operating system to run a particular program on, running multiple servers from a single host operating system or just to be able to play around with the spookier side of computations and want a quick way out of a potentially horrible situation.

I have used VirtualBox mainly. I have become familiar with the program and it has been proven to be dependable, highly compatible, easily configured wit plenty of options to choose from-including sharing folders and more responsive with less resource usage than the host operating system. And it is free as well.

I have tried a couple other virtual programmes but found one and stuck with it. I am currently in the middle of testdriving a virtual product at the time of this writing. I just do not have access to this environment all the time.:unsure:

I like the thread topic. Useful and informative.


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Back to the story then of ** Returnil ** Which I told AlanHo was "A Story For Another Day".

I used, and still do use Returnil.

On their website one day they were asking for Beta Testers for their latest version. I emailed, and about 3 months later they sent me the software and an on-line form to fill in.

I tested the software and found it overbloated with all manner of bells and whistles that I thought were actually a backwards step. Their current version was fine.

All it needed was to be able to work on Windows 7 32&64bit. I reported the bugs that I found, and returned the on-line information form to them.

I never heard a word back, and when they finally did release the new version, it seemed to me that most of the bugs were still there. :(

They have sorted the problems now. It is a good product, but in my view could have well done without the anti-malware/spyware elements. Rationally I suppose, you cannot please all of the people all of the time. :)

Sometimes the older/original versions suit our needs better.

On that subject (and off-topic of virtualization I know) here are some links to older software that you may wish to peruse:





Further experiments I have carried out with stuff like: ** Thinapp (Previously - Thinstall) **

And "Cameyo." - Cameyo is FREE ! and once you've downloaded and used it you will know how Thinapp works. :)

Also you will have some good insight into "Application Virtualization" as opposed to Operating System virtualization.

You can read about it here: ** Virtualize Applications with Cameyo **

And download it from here: http://cameyo.com/

That's enough for this post I think.

You can start bookmarking the links for future use when the weather is bad and you want a little project maybe folks. 001greenman.gif


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Purely by accident whilst looking for something else, I have found, and downloaded a new piece of Application virtualization software called "Evalaze" today.

No time to test it out yet. I've put it in a folder for "Things to Do" for the time being.

Hoping some of you guys and gals on here can check it out and write back with your findings.

You can find it:

** HERE **

It does require you to have DotNet2 installed. No problems. - You can find that here: ** MICROSOFT **

I'll take it for a drive as soon as I can, meanwhile if some of you could give some feedback it would be appreciated.

John. :flowers:

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I must say that this is a bit to tackle at the moment. I must put it to the backmost burner for a time. I have been slammed with discussion questions....:unsure: What'll I say?:lol:

The software runs on X64 bit architecture, but I do not have a clue how to operate it....:lol:

It is there on a "virtual" drive somewhere. I'll get back to it in 9 weeks.:0

I ain't that slow.

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No rush. ;)

Some of this software can be stashed away for many months, - until you hit a rainy day.

People may see more relevance, and usefulness to some of the software mentioned if you read the post on "Giveawayoftheday" software over on the thread ** HERE ** :)

John. :flowers:

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Oh yeah I've been using VM's for a long time. Actually I bought VMWare Workstation 4 back in 2004. My VMWare account still shows this purchase, I then upgraded to V5. But now I've moved over to the Mac I'm using Fusion.

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