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Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011


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See :-

The latest version of Comodo Internet Security Pro is normally priced at $49.99 per 1-year license.

As part of Comodo giveaway promotion, interested users are now entitled to download the full version of Comodo Internet Security Pro (12 months) free of charge.

To get the free 1-year trial copy of Comodo Internet Security Pro, just download the special setup installer :-

Then, install the program and it will run for 365 days without any license serial key or paid subscription.

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I wonder about the future of commercial A/V and anti-malware programs.

Now that MS install (or have available) built-in windows security* I think that for most people, this is adequate. The built-in Windows program seems to keep my machines in order although I admit to an occasional check with a "travelling" A/V scan (Housecall or the like) to make sure, I've not had any problems.

*Why wasn't it in Windows version 1, one wonders?

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*Why wasn't it in Windows version 1, one wonders?

If I had to guess, I would think that virus and malware was not that prevalent back then. However, to have only been fiddlin' around with computers for about a year and a half now, I may be speaking out of ignorance.:blink:

As far as Comodo fared on my old XP; it bogged it down to the point of being quite useless. It must be said that this particular machine is hardware-challenged. With a CPU at 730 MHz and RAM at 256 MB, I probably should have tried on a more advanced machine.:rolleyes: As I uninstalled Comodo, I ran into a couple of minor issues that left me without an internet connection. I tried system restore; sfc / and a repair install; reinstalling IE8; even creating another user account from a side by side install. If I had tons of time to figure it out I guess I could have. I chose to clean install again since it was a fresh install anyway and I foolishly forgot to image the drive before installing something as invasive as an anti-virus/malware.

I like the programs interface and configuratin options. It can be a little involved for the average user (like me) to slim down. I imagine that like all other things in life, practice makes perfect. Since I only use this machine to compose school related .docs and visiting this forum, I have chosen to run it without any protection at all...save for imaging. Very fast and responsive.;)

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