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Anybody knows about Wi-Fi ?

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It's a long story, but I try to keep it short...

I received an e-book reader from the US (NOOK Color, by Barnes & Noble). In order to use the device, it must first be registered. The instructions to do so are pretty simple: "Connect to a Wi-Fi access point (hotspot) and follow the instructions".

The device gave me some hotspots near my house, but none were usable. I googled for free hotspots in Tokyo, and I got a suggestion to go to the Shibuya Hachiko crossing. I went there, and there were indeed numerous access points, but the bright sunlight prevented me from entering all the detail (credit card info etc).

So I finally decided to order a wireless card to my router. After it arrived, we tried for hours (using the 90-page Japanese manual) to get a connection. I also tried with my new Windows 7 computer to connect - without success.

I finally called NTT, and they gave me instructions how to enable the wireless card. (I had to dial '***20*2##' on the phone dial to enable it!)

Immediately after that I could see my access point (named RVS340SE-DAD0E7-1). So my Windows 7 computer is now connected to the wireless router.

The problem is, my e-book reader still cannot see my access point. I can see all the same (unusable) access points near my house, including the Westin Hotel, but not my own.

Does anybody have any ideas what to do next? I simply don't have any experience with Wi-Fi...

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Hi, qat.

Although I do not have experience with the reader, I have to connect wireless devices through W7 or XP Wi-Fi capable machines (printer, Nid’s phone, etc.). Try Add a wireless device in Network settings or Add a device in Devices and Printers. W7 has a rather fickle (secure?:uhm: ) networking system and there are many and varied settings. I’m starting to learn a little about this subject, but am learning first on XP.

I’ll keep looking.:rtfm:

If I run across something, I’ll be back later. I’ve got to get educated. computer-30.gif



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Just to make this topic resolved....

Found a PDF manual on the NOOK website that gave instructions how to reset the device. After that, it could finally see my Wi-Fi access point.

After that I found the next problem: Barnes & Noble strictly allow only ebooks to be bought inside the United States...

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The thing is that it has to be paid with a credit card that has a billing address in the U.S. (I think they also check the ordering IP address.)

Anyway, I am thinking of "rooting" the Nook - turning it into the original Android tablet it is, then installing the Amazon Kindle app. Amazon is proud to deliver e-books to any country in the world.

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