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Nitro PDF Reader.


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Hadn't realised that Wondershare had released a free PDF reader for Windows. ( They've kept that one quiet seeing as I am on the buggers mailing list !)

I love Wondershare stuff.

I am still using the free Wondershare Time Freeze which was available as free for a limited amount of time. Now Toolwiz have released their own free version of what is basically a replica. You can see that on the forum here: http://forums.window...id=328255&st=0

There are more free PDF readers out online than you can shake a stick at. The only problem is that a few of them go well beyond what they are supposed to do, and become bloated and overweight. This, if anything is one complaint I would have against The Nitro PDF Reader mentioned in the original post. So no, Nitro PDF reader is not a half-hearted freebie, more a treble-hearted freebie.

If you've already got a full blown "PDF Suite" the only thing you are really looking for is a "Reader" that opens real fast and well........... Just "reads."

Freebie as a sales leader ? Well we've all come to expect that in areas from Supermarkets to I.T. - Cornflakes to PDF readers. It's a part of the accepted scene. Only with the genuinely free, freeware, and open source such as Sumatra PDF reader are you going to be able to bury your head from it. Even then, is there really any such thing as a free lunch ?

I use the free PDF-XChange Viewer: http://www.softpedia...ge-Viewer.shtml

I was aware of the "Wondershare PDF to Word Converter Free." http://www.wondersha...-converter.html

But if D4\/!d says that he's got something from Wondershare that Views/Reads & converts PDF's, then Nitro are telling "Porkies" because they are stating: Nitro PDF Reader.The only free PDF reader and creator.

Who is right here ?

Is this free Wondershare reader/converter that you are using still downloadable on the internet somewhere D4\/!d ?

Did you not check out the features page of Nitro PDF reader before asking the question:

"goodies such as converting pdf to MSWord ?"

If not.................. Why not ???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

John. :flowers:

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