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Essential Anti Virus 2013 ?

Lamb Chop

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I was using MSE since upgrading to Windows 7 from XP because it was what I had on XP as Avast stopped compatibility test - mainly 4 OS back. Runs well enough but very slow on scanning all takes around 3 hours.

So having updated to a compatible is thought go back to Avast. Well it seems it has changed a hell of a lot since May 2013 when last used it. Almost didn't recognize it if it were not for the icon. And it no longer updates itself you have now to go and pay not just the first upgrade but right along to full security package US$64.99

I am not going to do that as have a good security package already and some paid for with real time SAS Pro and Spyware Blaster Pro plus bootable Malawarebytes. And run quick scans if ever think dodgy site with WOT and every Saturday a full scan with all and anti virus too.

did a search and this subject not touched for a few years and how out of date after Avast shock I thought. :censored:

Seems we had good programs for specific purposes get sold or the tend to add the whole lot in and then all of our eggs in one basket so to speak.

So anyone recommend a good free auto update one - other than MSE ?

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AFAIK Avast still auto updates !

I think you have been confused because you have to have a paid version of Avast to get their Automatic Software Updater which keeps other programs updated for you ?

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Boris maybe confused but I didnt stay with it - it started like before upsetting the computer I had updated it manually and it did say you have to pay for auto not wrong there - being an accountant - I look at money first to see if an investment or not, anyway dumped it and have now got Comodo which does update its free version automatically 100% for sure. Already did it today on boot.

And it too has changed even more had it some years back and it was too hard to configure fo rme at the time, but thanks to you guys I am a little bit more with it these days. :flowers:

It is awesome :yahoo: and has a lot more to it than I can fathom - it said does something to server and I do see a huge difference in Firefox for instance in the way it displays and it is free and already updated as soon as booted. So I hope I can keep it going. Has a lot going for it and seems they have taken on a lot of the things and even for free in the states have geeky buddy on hand to chat live - not so for Australia shame. Also has a blocking system like Mask Me.

One thing I noticed it is it seems like Du Meter is not working and Comodo sent a error message re it so not compatible but says it will rectify this - wow!

It also offers a free firewall. Now I have OA - online armour which was bought some 2 or so years back by Emisoft. It is a good firewall but I think I will see how I go with the Anti virus first then try the firewall too.

It comes with a browser too which is basically Chrome or parts thereof. Plus a virtual browser whatever that is - opened it and just a green line appeared so clicked where I thought the x was and it closed. Good guess I thought. So what you use that for- be my guest someone who has it and let me into the use thereof. :devil:

And strangely Firefox bookmarks which hasnt worked as it should for a long time, it wouldn't show any files etc so had to put al new ones in unsorted now works since got Comodo. Also displays things correctly so somehow somewhere it Comodo did change something or correct something that was bugging up Firefox too. Maybe geeky is partly in the program eh? Who knows............. :lol:

Oh and maybe someone can answer me this one too. It has real time protection it says, so will that make my SAS Pro which is spyware on real time protection obsolete? So far so good SAS updated today and seems fit and ready. :rofl:

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I have MSE on most of our computers, and it performs very well.

On one (Windowx XP) system however it used heavy CPU after the installation, so I removed it and installed AVG Free (now 2014). It performs very well, although the new GUI looks ridiculous (like Windows 8).

Windows firewall on all systems; no problems.

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On the wifes computer, which is running Windows 7, she uses AVG free, the full scan takes about 10 minutes.

MSE would do quick scan in less than 1 hour but a complete scan well 3 hours + and I dont have that much on my computer. SAS does it complete in under 1 hour, quick in around 10minutes. Same with Malawarebytes. Seems known for slow scans. I did have AVG free some years back and also one time Zone Alarm. But changed as many did when they went downhill.

And AVG Free was put onto my computer by a tech and he gave me it back having taken off all of my security including paid for programs like SAS Pro and shock horror AVG Free had let in virus's when I immediately dumped it, putting Avast which using at that time. That is what put me off AVG free and one time read on one of the best of freeware sites it was old hat. Needless to say last and only time used that tech service. In fact none since as 3 lots all mucked up this computer over the last 5 years and I get left sorting it out with help mainly from you guys. :clapping:

Anyway getting used to Comodo. :D

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