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Can I get a 2.0 Mbs upload speed with a WIFI connection?

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I currently have a Virgin Mobile WIFI connection to my laptop and I currenlty do not have access to an ethernet connection. Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint Network. For my job I need to make internet phone calls from home, but according to Speedtest.net I only have upload speed of 0.88 Mbps. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3644363100 Is it possible to get up to 2.0 Mbs upload speed without a wired connection?


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Hello cinque8,

I don't know wether this is going to be any help to you or not.

As you will see from my signature I use an iMac 27, having said that it got nothing to do with anything speed related, the relative speed is to do with your proximity to your local exchange.

I have an upload speed of 16.5 Mb/s. My download speed is 10.23 Mb/s. I live approximately 450 metres from my local exchange.

Virgin are well noted for not delivering the speeds they say you can get. If you Google Virgin Internet speeds you will find a myriad of complaints to Virgin.

Regarding your Wireless connection, as far as I know, and I could be wrong here, there are no tweaks that I am aware of that will make your Download or Upload speeds any faster than what you are getting. As I said above, your proximity to your local exchange is a vital clue to the whole process of Internet Connection Speeds. I have taken a look at your Download and Upload speeds and I have to say they are pretty pathetic. But this is not an unknown for Virgin.

If I where you I would invest in a router that is capable of an Ethernet connection as this will deliver the best speeds that your line is capable of. Please bear in mind the distance between you and your local exchange. The number of people in your proximity with computers and the time of day. All these factors will help bring down the internet speeds. The more people that are online at the same time the slower the Download and Upload is going to be.

I hope this helps. By the way I am with BT, I live in a small market town in the Scottish Borders which reflects my good speeds. If however I was living in the Middle of London I don't think I would be getting such good speeds unless I was in Fibre Optic Broadband.

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