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3 most preferable programming languages

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Depends what you want to do with them :-


Pascal ; A good introduction to coding but not going to have much application beyond a teaching tool.


Delphi : Much more powerful, you can create complex stuff with it, but I'm fairly sure you need to pay for the compiler


Java : Great for web stuff, 


I'll admit I'm out of date on what's current in the workplace and I've never touched any C variants.

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what is the main difference between C and C++


I did try Googling it but all I got really was this . It appears to me that C++ is a more powerful development of the C family but as I said back in my original post the C family is not something I've ever tried coding with and my programming skills are pretty out of date.

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Did you try any online coding websites?


No all my code training came the traditional way, Basic for O-level at school, Fortran as part of my Physics HND. Pascal Delphi and Java when I did Computing HND.

I'd describe my skills as pedestrian at best and badly neglected, I haven't done any for years.

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