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I seem to be getting more and more forgetful as time passes by.


There was a time when I could remember things right back to when I was about 3 years old - but my memory span is gradually depleting. Is this just old age, is my brain now simply full of knowledge, or is dementia knocking on the door.


As you probably know we go on several holidays a year, plus we are away for a few days regularly in a losing battle to visit all the National Trust stately homes before we are unable to travel. I find it impossible to remember any of them with clarity - they have all blended into a homogenous pile to the point that one stately home looks just like any other, holiday hotels and cottages likewise.


I sometimes find it hard to recall what we had for dinner last evening or what roast we had for the previous Sunday lunch. Did we indeed have a roast or did we go out for lunch - its all a mystery.


I rather suspect my friends on the forum have solved the problem by posting what they have for dinner each day. Thus when in doubt there is a Forum library for them to refer to. Alternatively they have the same meal for each day of the week - like andsome with his Saturday tiger rolls with a filling plus sliced onion. Or have I got that wrong - I wouldn't be a bit surprised.


I'm sure to forget that I have posted this......deserted.gif  Count_Sheep.gif  picknose.gif  Doctor.JPG



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I forget what I just posted.  :hi:I can remembered things from years ago, better than I can remember yesterday. I still have memories of my father who died when I was two and a half. I can remember my national service number. 5046481. I can remember my mother’s Co Op number 187053. My ration card number was QCFP 83/2. 

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I know exactly what you mean Alan.  I have the same fears. 

However, medication and certain conditions can achieve the results which concern us. 


I have given up taking on stressful travelling.   

My life has been full of memories and I think my brain is looking for a rest from me trying to push in more. 

So. now I relax when I can and enjoy what is left for as long as I can.  :smile: 

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