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Our Day Out


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It was a lovely sunny day yesterday – possibly the last one for a while – and we decided not to waste it at home and went for a drive in the countryside.


Avoiding motorways and driving at a leisurely pace we finished up in a car park on the Malvern hills. Despite me having to pay the day rate of £4.20 for the Pay and Display car park, we decided to go for a stroll along the ridge which wasn’t too steep for us. The views are magnificent and one can imagine the inspiration it must have given Elgar to live in and around these hills.


We were only away from the car for a couple of hours and Libby, ever the scrooge, waylaid a couple who had just arrived in a beautifully restored Jaguar C type and mugged them for £2 in exchange for our car park ticket. She put the money in her purse.


We drove home via Upton Upon Severn and parked in their free car park to have a wander round this lovely old historic town. Drive through it on Google Earth street view and you will get the flavour.


By now it was lunch time and we dived into Ye Olde Anchor Inn for a refreshing pint of lager shandy (I was driving) a nice lunch and a coffee. I was fascinated by the tea spoons – did they betray that Yuri Geller had been here. (If you are too young to remember him – look it up)

The Inn dates back to 1602 and is stuffed full with character. Some of the stone floors are original






We meandered back home via Evesham and Stratford upon Avon. When I stopped outside my garage the instrument display showed that we had done 127 miles (204km) and averaged 74.7 mpg (3.78 l/100km) on the journey. That’s one of the joys of having a petrol hybrid car.

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You sound to have had a jolly good trip, Alan.

We set out for a trip around  the dales yesterday,  It is funny how we seem to stick to just one or two favorite dales. so yesterday we decided included others and excluded some favorites.

The first leg of our  journey, from Catgate Towers to Ripley (which we look upon as the starting point) is almost a joyous journey in itself.  At Ripley there are two roundabouts to provide "Ripley" itself with a by-bass  and little tranquility (and it some times does).  At the "northern" round about the road going west ("left") is the road into the west (Nidderdale) and the one going forwards is heading for Ripon.

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