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Word and Excel - Cut and Copy Problem Solved (I Hope)


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We live in a retirement housing estate where you can only buy a house if you are older than 58. Children and pets are banned – cats in our garden are rare. Andsome would love it:good:


Each owner becomes a shareholder of the Estate Management Company – of which I am director. We all pay a service charge into a reserve fund which meets the cost of the necessary administration, insurance and maintenance of the landscaped communal grounds (including lawns in residents rear gardens), buildings and contents insurance of all communal and residents property, external maintenance of all residents buildings and garden fences, window cleaning etc. Road maintenance and lighting is also covered because the road is private and not adopted by the Council. The present monthly service charge is £135 – the amount being agreed each year at our AGM. Thirty pounds a week to cover all those items I reckon is very reasonable.


When I took over as director I started to attack our annual costs. Apathy and inexperience had caused my predecessors to not question any charges and insurance renewal costs. By changing our insurance providers, gardeners, maintenance procedures etc I have been able to shave £30 off the monthly service charge for all residents.  


Hence, we are self-managed and not the victims of being managed by a third party who is in it to make profit. For me, it is a voluntary labour of love – I just get reimbursed for my expenses which average £200 per year. However – I enjoy the challenge - it keeps me active and alert.


As director, I do a considerable amount of admin work – being the point of contact to deal with residents, third parties, maintenance contracts, legislation and the preparation and issue of monthly accounts summaries and newsletters to all residents. We employ a professional estate management firm to just provide legal assistance, look after our banking and provide the necessary official audited accounts each year for Companies House.


Hence our study is also an office with all the company records etc.


Because I do so much admin work – Microsoft Office is used extensively and following a recent M$ update has developed a really niggling problem.


When I highlight text to right click and cut or copy it – the highlighting disappears and I have to use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl C etc.

I found that if I highlighted the text – then waited about 10 seconds before right clicking on it – more often that not it worked OK. T’was most frustrating.


This morning after a good Googling I found that I was not alone – others had experienced the same problem as far back as 2016. With another cluster of problems in 2017. However, someone in 2017 suggested that in Word a solution was as follows :-.




Untick “Show mini toolbar on selection”


I did this about an hour ago and have typed several Word documents without a problem. However – the mini toolbar still shows for some obscure reason. It is of no consequence – I’m happy that my cut and paste is working via the mouse again.


Fingers crossed it keeps it up.


I have not used Excel yet and hope I find the same solution there.

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I stopped using MS Office years ago as I thought that the huge amount they charged for it was extortionate - especially when you could get something almost as good for no cost at all (Open Office or Libre Office).

The initial compatibility problems have been overcome and I cannot see any justification now for using the Microsoft offering.

I understand that a number of government departments and international official bodies use MS Office alternatives (I know Patent Offices do) and I am left wondering how does Microsoft justify their sales pitch?

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The last time I saw any statistics M$ office was used by 1.4 billion organisations and individuals in commercial organisations World Wide. Roughly 93% of the market and growing, as they make inroads into IOS and Android users.


My Office 2016 didn't cost me a fortune and is totally compatible with the organisations I have to exchange information with. To the best of my knowledge, none of the so called free Office suites offer truly compatible Outlook, One Note or Publisher programmes, which are virtually the accepted standards for most of the commercial World.  I have always used MS Office and don't want to climb yet another learning curve just to save a modest amount.


If you are a private individual just writing letters, constructing a simple spreadsheet, or happy to use web based Email - Libre Office is of course, all you need. 

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My step daughter works for a large company. Most of the staff need access to the Company systems and files when they are away from the office or at home. Hence there is an arrangement with MS to allow staff to download office for just $12 to their own computer. 


She doesn't have a computer at home - she does everything on her phone - so she downloaded Office 2016 Professional onto my computer in case she ever needs to use it. Hence my cheap copy of office. She can now get Office 2019 but I told her not to bother - the extra features are not of interest to a home user.

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