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Ironing Is Good For Your Mental Health


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Ladies and domesticated males, trans and other genders, will be pleased to read that according to the Daily Mail today (so it must be true) ironing and other mind-numbing domestic chores boost your mental health.  This is because boredom causes the brain to switch to a semi sleep mode




The article explains that emptying' our brains carries all sorts of health benefits, both mental and physical. It is the ultimate stress-buster, helping to boost the immune system, increase feelings of wellbeing and guard against depression. 

The brain has an 'emptiness mechanism' that it likes to switch on repeatedly through the day—the so-called 'twilight state', in which external stimuli are limited and brain-waves follow a pattern similar to that seen between waking and sleeping. It does this to protect itself. 


When we perceive danger, signals are sent to the adrenal glands to begin pumping out stress hormones, resulting in the classic high-tension fight-or-flight response — blood pressure and pulse rate rise, muscles tense, digestion and pain perception are rolled back and your brain put under a high load to deal with it.


In a complex, busy, stressful world, it is activated often — probably far more so than it ever was and in some people is on permanent high alert, sapping energy and lowering our resistance to all sorts of mental and physical problems. Emptiness can offer respite and relief from this. It helps to put things into perspective, making them seem less catastrophic, and it stops our bodies from over-reacting in ways that can make us ill. 


But that's not all. Studies have shown that emptiness of the kind that arises from-sensory deprivation during the execution of boring chores can make us feel more creative, profoundly relaxed and even blissful.

As a result of reading this I have decided to change my clothes twice a day in order that my wife is given more opportunity to rest her brain whilst ironing. To empathise, I will sit and watch her whilst she does it to give my brain a rest too. I was tempted to allow her to do the pressing of my trousers once more – but I make a better job of getting razor sharp creases down the trouser legs and will continue to do this myself.

There is no need to thank me for this timely an sincere advice - it has been my pleasure to pass it on.

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Hey there, thanks for sharing this interesting article about the benefits of doing mind-numbing chores like ironing. I always believed that cleaning and organizing can be calming and therapeutic for the mind.
In fact, I recently stumbled upon some interesting info about the Serenity Prayer, which talks about accepting the things we cannot change, having the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
I find that reciting this prayer to myself while doing chores helps me focus on the present moment and feel more at peace. It's a great way to unwind and empty my mind of any worries or stresses.

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