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Which are the best drivers to install in a fresh windows?

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On 9/4/2019 at 1:40 PM, geeknerd360 said:

I have a Hp laptop and I just installed a Windows 10 in my laptop. I am a bit confused about which drivers to install in it. Can anyone suggest me which is the important drivers to install first.

Listed below are the minimum system requirements for running Windows 10:
  • RAM: 2GB for 64-bit or 1GB for 32-bit.
  • CPU: 1GHz or a faster processor or SoC.
  • HDD: 20GB for 64-bit OS or 16GB for 32-bit OS.
  • GPU: DirectX 9 or a later version with WDDM 1.0 driver.
  • Display: At least 800×600.
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Following are the drivers u need to install first-

  • A motherboard driver, such as Intel motherboard driver, AMD motherboard driver, Asus motherboard driver, Gigabyte motherboard driver, MSI motherboard driver, etc.
  • A display card driver (also called a graphics card driver), which enables your screen displays normally with good resolution.
  • A network adapter driver, which allows your computer to connect to the Internet.
  • An audio driver (also called a sound driver), which allows your computer to “make sound”. For example, with t a correct audio driver, you can hear sound from your computer and can input sound into your computer.
  • Keyboard and mouse drivers, which allows you to use your keyboard and mouse to input and output data.
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Drivers for special devices. Unlike the ones you mentioned in the question details, these might not be included in Windows.

Special-purpose drivers without backing device. ImDisk, Daemon Tools, many antivirus programs (with real time protection) all use their own drivers.

Touchpad drivers. Several versions of the Synaptics Touchpad driver used to trigger blue screens on early builds; starting with build 10074 that got fixed.

Either way, you shouldn't need to manually install any drivers, besides NVidia GPUs which don't get satisfactory drivers from Windows Update.
Perform automatic update via windows update ; additional drivers will be installed by default.. Otherwise use third party software or apps to install missing drivers.
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