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On Windows 7? Consider upgrading to KDE Plasma

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On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will end all support for Windows 7. This means that computers that run on Windows 7 will no longer get important security updates and you will no longer be able to get customer support if you do have a problem. If you still own a computer that runs Windows 7, you should find out how to proceed. One among many options is to switch your operating system to Linux and use KDE Plasma.

Here's an actual screenshot of a Plasma customization:


Linux is part of an operating system that is used everywhere, from Android phones to cameras to servers or supercomputers. It is known to be very stable, secure (there has not been a single widespread virus or ransomware case for Linux) and the best thing is that it is completely free! As I already said, Linux is only a part of a bigger package which makes up your operating system. Another part is the way your desktop looks and acts. There are many options that you can pick from, but one that looks and feels very similar to Windows 7 is KDE Plasma.

KDE Plasma is made by KDE (https://kde.org), a worldwide community that makes free software for everyone. We work together to create over 200 powerful and intuitive programs for you to use and be productive with. Without any modifications, KDE Plasma already looks similar to Windows. But because we believe that you should be able to make your desktop truly yours, we give you extensive customization options. You can see a video example where we quickly adapted the look to be more like the Windows 7 ("Aero") one at <link to video>. You can learn more about KDE Plasma at https://kde.org/plasma-desktop.

For a long time, Linux was known as being hard to use and had only a very limited selection of software available. This is no longer the case. Using Linux and KDE Plasma is no harder than using Windows or macOS - editing countless configuration files and running arcane commands is not required anymore. You can also enjoy a massive selection of programs that cover a big majority of needs.

Interested? Trying out and installing Linux with KDE Plasma is easier than ever before. You can follow the generic steps at https://www.wikihow.com/Install-Linux and then use one of the options from https://kde.org/distributions whenever need to choose a "distribution" (don't worry - all 4 options on this link are similar and any should work for you). This will also allow you to test KDE Plasma without modifiying your computer at all! If you have any problems or questions, then come to https://webchat.kde.org and join #kde-welcome. This is a friendly chat room where experienced KDE and Linux users will gladly help you through the installation process.

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I have just got yet another update on W7.

Again on lap top for Hubbie too.

Come Monday end of support will be here.


I tried to get W10 and it was going until last knockings - updating  so left it for a while. Only to come back and find it back to W7 saying sorry didnt work, that was my desk top.  T


Then tried the laptop.  It too failed. 


Was trying to get it free as digital license for each computer that had downloaded successfully W10 is remembered and OK to go. Both these were successfully W10. 


Just that I for one didnt like it and went back to W7 and hubby asked me to get his back as he isnt a computer person, uses it for soccer English and other leaguesand that is about all except emails.  I get the job of making sure it is kept up to date etc. :rolleyes:


So now looking at event log to see what the hell went wrong.


Looked at towers in case I need to get a newer computer - many to choose from and the refurbished ones are cheaper with W10 installed than even taking this cpomputer into the shop to be checked over - at $200 before they even boot it up. Can get a decent computer tower for around $300-$400 latest everthing too.  Amazon are doing these but some say not honouring warranties.  E Bay have them too.  So went to Local suppliers and nearly fell off my chair - what was refurbished - now new costs $4000 upwards not $400. Wow and I thought they had come down!  This one is circe 2013 bought off E Bay new built by a bloke who still sells there still so if decide to buy different computer will go back to him. Not paying thousands for similar new. One that I liked refurbished  for $549 is over $5000 new - gobsmacked! 


I have wondered too whether to try another OS like Linux and then wonder how long to get to be competant enough. :211027431:



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When my last Windows PC went belly up I purchased a cheap PC without an OS and put Linux Mint on it. Mint is designed to be familiar to Windows users. This setup was only ever going to be temporary until I got together the funds to go Windows again. many many years down the line and I'm still using it.

There is a learning curve but it isn't too steep and adding peripherals while not as easy as Windows is no longer a pain in the posterior. It depends what software you want to run, the download comes with Browsers, Media players, Office suite and pretty much everything you'll need. There's also loads of Linux programs and games that are available free via the built in Software manager. You can if you wish run Windows programs using the Wine Emulator but I've never found it entirely faultless and some programs don't much like it. Point being if you're a gamer or using some specifically windows programs then Linux isn't perfect but if you want the PC for Browsing, Document creation media playing  etc it does pretty much everything you want. 

My suggestion would be to try a copy running it from a USB stick it'll let you have a rummage through Linux without changing your existing setup as well as confirming that your system can handle the latest version.

If you decide to load Linux remember you'll need a cabled internet connection during install so it can pick up drivers for Wi-Fi and any other connected hardware.


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