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Windows slows down comparing when it was fresh installation

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I am using windows 10 64 bit


I don’t know if I should believe myth that says do a fresh windows installation every 4 or 5 years as it gets clogged and I feel windows slows down comparing when it was fresh installation


Although I use utility Revo Uninstaller (there are others) that is supposed not to leave a leftover in windows registry when you uninstall a program


I do not let unnecessary program to run in the background




Only I have ESET and MalwareBytes running when windows start


In past I used many utilities that check and tweak windows OS but it didn’t restore windows to its origin state when it was freshly installed


Is this true myth


Is there a trust program that check windows 10 health and advise accordingly ?


Am I missing some important steps?


What are most trusted programs worth to have / buy it ?





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Using an SSD for boot drive makes a great difference.

Also take a look at all the services and apps that launch during boot time, disable what is not necessary.

Disk optimisation for SSD / defragmentation for HDD every month can also be a good idea.


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