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Amazing what you can find isn't it ?


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Yesterday after a morning shop we decided to drive back through Bewdley, on the way we were passed by a couple of Police cars with full blues and twos and arrived at Bewdley just in time for the road to be cordoned off and to be channelled off towards Stourport. Some online research found reports of an Incident that then refined into the discovery of "Explosive" local news used heavy quotes implying it was rubbish and that some crazy old bat had found a rusty bean tin.

This link takes you to a clip of what happened when the Bomb squad detonated the "bean tin"


Click here


Somewhat disconcerting to think how many times we'd driven over a WW2 UXB.

As of this moment neither the local BBC nor ITV have noticed, being far more interested in an escaped peacock in Brum.

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Probably a shell from a WW1 vintage 6lb Hotchkiss cannon, these were definitely installed at Holt Fleet and Stourport bridges as the emplacements are still there. The only odd thing is that Mum who lived in Bewdley at the time doesn't remember any canon embrasures being built in Bewdley, so my comments on it being washed there may be correct.  



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