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IE-SPYAD is a Registry file (IE-ADS.REG) that adds a long list of sites and domains associated with known advertisers, marketers, and crapware pushers to the Restricted sites zone of Internet Explorer. Once this list of sites and domains is "merged" into your Registry, most marketers, advertisers, and crapware pushers on the Net will not be able to use cookies, ActiveX controls, Java applets, or scripting to compromise your privacy or your PC while you surf the Net. Nor will they be able to use your browser to push unwanted pop-ups, cookies, or auto-installing programs on you.

Please note that IE-SPYAD is not an ad blocker. It will not block standard banner ads in Internet Explorer. What this Restricted sites list of known advertisers and crapware pushers will do, however, is:

stop unwanted crapware from being installed behind yourback via "drive-by-downloads";

prevent the hijacking of your home page and other key Internet Explorer settings;

shut down ActiveX, Java, and scripting, all of which can be employed to push obnoxious advertising on you and compromise your privacy and security;

block cookies, which can be used to monitor and track your travels around the Internet;

combat obnoxious script-based popups that clutter your screen and force unwanted advertising on you.

To download and install IE/Spyad please visit the link provided at the bottom of this page. IE/Spyad is updated regularly and instructions for installing the latest updates are also on the page.

Please note. IE/Spyad will only work with Internet Explorer and AOL's web browser. If you use AOL then there are special instructions for installing IE/Spyad on the link provided.

IE/Spyad was last updated on 6th January 2004, further updates will be posted here as and when they occur.

All you need to know about IE/Spyad

Please can regular contributors to this column delete their old posts here once they are no longer current. :)

It also saves the poor Mods having to do housekeeping ! Boris :lol:

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I have noticed that a couple of people have been a little unsure on how to install and keep IE Spyad up to date. So I have done a short tutorial... with pictures! :)

How to Install and Update IE Spyad for Internet Explorer

First of all you need to visit this web page.


It is a good idea to read all the information there so that you can become familiar with how IE Spyad works and of course it is important to read the license information.

Download the IE Spyad zip to a convenient location on your hard drive. Create a folder for IE Spyad and extract the contents of the zip file into this folder.


Once you have extracted all the files, navigate to the folder and double click the install.bat file.


A ‘dos’ window will open giving you various options.


To install for the first time, press the 2 key on your keyboard, you will then be presented with the following message.


Press 1 on your keyboard and IE spyad will be installed.


You can then press any key to continue and then 2 to exit.

Configure your Restricted sites zone.

If you haven't already configured your Restricted sites zone for maximum security, then you should do so. Here's how to do it:

1. Open Internet Explorer's "Internet Options" (off either the "View" or "Tools" menu bar option). Hit the "Security" tab. Select the "Restricted sites." Click the "Custom Level" button.

2. Change every entry in the "Custom Level" settings box for "Restricted sites" to "Disable" (or "Prompt" or "High safety," if "Disable" is not an option for a particular entry).

3. Close the "Custom Level" settings box by clicking "OK."

4. Close the "Internet Options" box by clicking "OK."

You're ready to surf safely now!

How to update IE Spyad

When IE Spyad is updated, download the new zip file to a convenient location on your hard drive. You then need to uninstall your current version. To do this, navigate to your IE Spyad folder and double click the install.bat file to open the dos window. This time you want to uninstall so press 1 on your keyboard. See below


Press 1 on your keyboard again


Then press any key to continue and then 2 to exit. You can then follow the install instructions above to install your new version of IE Spyad.

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