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Mandrakelinux 10.0 Community Install Guide, Part 2


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[Please allow time for images to load - it's worth it]

What about a Second Hard Drive?

Linux will show a hard drive as Hda and if you have a second hard drive it will be shown as hdb. To install Linux to a second hard drive you will have to click hdb at the top next to hda. When you click hdb you will see the current partitions on that drive [if any] and you can then click on the empty space and choose Auto Allocate.

If you are happy with the partitioning click Done and then click Yes to allow the partition table to be written to. [see pic below]


The partitions will then be formatted. [see pic below]


Now you will have to choose which packages you want to be installed. These packages are the applications that you will use. Choose what you want to be installed and click Next. [see pic below]


Linux will now start to install and the time is takes depends upon how many packages you selected to be installed. If you want to see what is being installed click Details.


During the install stage you will be required to insert CD2 and even CD3. Simply remove the CD from the draw and place the required CD back in the draw and close the draw. Now click OK and the install can continue.

If you are asked for a CD that you do not have then click Cancel. This does mean that the install cannot continue it simply means that a package, etc will not be installed. [see pic below]


You'll now have to set the root password and once again to confirm it. Try and make the password easy to remember as you will encounter problems when you are actually at your Linux desktop.

The root password allows the system settings to be changed and much more and without the password you won't be able to do much.

Enter your password twice and then click Next. [see pic below]


Now you have to enter a user, simply type your name and a user name [they can be the same] and enter a password [you do not have to enter password].

Click Next. [see pic below]


You can choose to be logged in under one user and choose your Window Manager.

When you installed the packages if you chose to have the optional graphical environments installed then these will be available, otherwise leave it as it as: KDE [see pic below]


Now the bootloader will be installed this will allow you to select which operating system you want to use when you turn your computer on.

Depending upon how your system is setup you may or may not have anything to choose when the bootloader is being installed. [see pic below]


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