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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, just wanna ask. I have doubt on this topic since i have my own broadband in my house. Here are the question: -As we can see, how many days or hours we can use the broadband data volume for 1GB(REGULAR VOLUME) and 20GB(HARDCORE VOLUME)? Ok, i would like to list somethiing i would like to do when i surf the web (NO ADULT SITE) 1)Facebook-->Recently, i just like to open it up just to check the notification and any news ahead. Also, i used to leave it still on9 as i go to other website. I open up the FB inestimated time about 6 hours (from 8pm to 1am) 2)You Tube--> I am also have my own you tube channel (Cursethephobia Kaban) and i recently go to this website. I used to watch videos in here and assemble my channel. I would watch about 8 to 14 videos in time with the video duration about 5 to 20 minutes. I also open this webpage as same duration as facebook. As my you tube close, the faceook also close. Then i go to sleep or whatever. 3)On the other website such as google, yahoo mail, Gmail, Y8, Y3 or else, i used to open up the page estimated in 7 to 13 time. I just guess. But that would not take much data volume i guess. 4)I also have torrent. Recently, i download many stuff with that. I would not use the torrent until the data volume had been used up and the speed become throlite (between 50kbps to 150 kbps) and let the 'snail speed' slowly download my torrent. But if i use the remaining data volume, IS THAT SAFE ENOUGH? please reply so tell me how many hours did i have for this type of data volume. Thank you. Next question also still doubt me. Also, i beg ya all to answer it for me. I would try anything. Thank you again. Ok, last question, i also had my PC expert advice (I DON'T REMEMBER HIS NAME), he tell me that, i can bypass the throlite speed if the data volume had been used up all of it using VPN(Virtual Private Network). Yes, i see many forums and many of them recomended using VPN to ensure your browsing experience runs normal. I have been tried it before, but i still don't confident about it. So, is that true usng VPN can bypass the throlite speed?
  2. Hey, just want to ask before i do. -I just know that, if we all use the VPN software and run in along side our computer, does it really give a normal internet connection if the data volume or qouta had been used all? You know, when your data volume of qouta had been used all of them, the internet speed will be throlite untile the very slowest internet speed. I had gone to other forum about VPN (Virtual Private Network), they suggest me many VPN software like CyberGhost, HotSpot Shield, Its Hidden, and many more. But some of them are paid and some of them are not. I have choose HotSpot Shield to be my VPN system. I have use someking of unlimited qouta broadband of my friend when i post this thread. Soon, i will give a try on my qouta broadband that i have bought. If these VPN do not throlite the speed of the internet after all of the data volume had been finished off, tell me if it's works. Thanks! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol:
  3. I have a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows XP desktop. The desktop is wired to the router and printer. The laptop is wirelessly connected to the router. I want to be able to print via the Network thing but its asking me for passwords and I don't know what to put. I've emailed Sky, my broadband provider, but that barely helped at all. You people are my last hope! Here's a diagram:
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