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Found 8 results

  1. Network overview shows the unit I do not want to recognize. When I look in Explorer "Network" I've got a new called "ONAL" and I do not know where came from. As shown in the image I get an empty list when I choose "Open in New Window" and an error if I try to "Connect to Remote Desktop" How do I remove this "ghost"? or locate what it is?
  2. Help! I'm running XP-SP3 and am trying to directly stream music folders to a new streaming BD player via my streaming network -- which was found and configured during setup of the unit. The network works fine; I can stream using 3rd party software (JRiver) but when I attempt to directly access shared folders that are visiblel (with all files shown), I'm asked for a username and password. I don't know what username and p/w it's asking for because I boot up into Windows without a password -- none was set up during installation -- and the only username is 'user' -- which is the only admin/user, no guests I've searched the topic, but can't seem to find any clear solution. My lack of familiarity with network lingo probably doesn't help either. I'd be grateful if someone could walk me through accessing my shared folders on the BD network unit with this mysterious username/password requirement? Thanks!
  3. Trying to get online on my PC after work, no program that required internet connectivity, IE, Chrome, different video games, would work. Check modem and router, rebooted bout a couple times, checked cabling, cables are good. The PC seems to see the network cable when it's hooked up, however I'm still unable to connect to anything requiring the internet. WiFi works, same ethernet cable thats in the PC i removed and plugged into my laptop, with wireless turned off, and can surf fine so it's not a cabling splice or split issue. Device manager states theres no malfunctions with the NIC, have made no changes to firewall settings. Not real sure what else to do. Just get home, yesterday no issues, today can't get online. Running out of ideas to troubleshoot. Any help would be most appreciated. Modem & Router connectivity: Windows XP: TWC provider: No upgrades to software or hardware recently. Was working fine yesterday, today not so much.
  4. Hi to All, I am Paolo Rossi, new prospect user of Windows 8. I am thinking about founding an e-commerce website and company in Italy and I believe that Windows has a good platform concerning integrated system through tablet and smartphone with Windows 8. I think to buy a Surface RT (because the Pro version is not avaliable yet in Italy), and 3 Lumia 620. I know that all of them have Windows 8, and I would like to know if is a good solution for an integrated platform. I need a shared telephone book, customer contact list, cloud documents folders and other possible and useful shared services. Am I able to set up the integrated system on my own? Is necessary to have only a Windows user on all the devices or I can set 4 different users integrated with all the one super user? Can you advice me and confirm that I am doing a good start with Windows? :) Thanks to All! Paolo
  5. If you have two machines that both are at least Windows Vista, follow these steps: 1. Connect the two computers so that they are seen on the network 2. Open a command prompt 3. Type: mklink /d /j C:\Users\(Name) C:\ *Replace (Name) with whatever you want and substitute both "C"s with the drive you want to see 4. Use the other machine 5. Open Windows Explorer 6. Click Network (on the left) 7. Open the computer with the (Name) folder 8. Open the "Users" folder 9. Open the (Name) folder (you now have access to another machine's folders and files) Typically, you can only see the "Users" folder of the other computer linked to your network. Please spread the news about this tip.
  6. I have an older (xp) desk-top who's hard drive crashed and I want to connect to it using a Ethernet cable if possible. I get a message that say it has no valid IP address. Can anyone suggest steps to take. Once I connect I want to reload xp if possible... Normal start up nothing happens no screen, nothing..Thanks
  7. I organise the network around my house and have an update for some settings for the computers I want to distribute over the next week. As I won’t be at home I was wondering if there would be a way to leave my computer on and have it auto copy my batch script (which will edit settings on reboot) to the computers that connect over the course of the week? Thanks in advanced
  8. I have a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows XP desktop. The desktop is wired to the router and printer. The laptop is wirelessly connected to the router. I want to be able to print via the Network thing but its asking me for passwords and I don't know what to put. I've emailed Sky, my broadband provider, but that barely helped at all. You people are my last hope! Here's a diagram:
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