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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone tried this math software: http://calcpad.net/ The program can be downloaded from http://calcpad.net/Download/Calcpad_Setup.exe It is not that powerful, but it is simple, handy and totally free. It supports input forms generation and Html reporting. That makes it a good option for engineering calculations worksheets especially for structural design. It also supports complex numbers, custom variables and functions, graphing in 1D and 2D, units, numerical methods, conditions (if-else-end if), cycles, comments etc.
  2. so u know when u install windows on a mac u have to install the drivers so that bluetooth, eject button, audio, mouse, keyboard... can work right? But when i insert my Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD it only has stuff to install DVD and CD sharing and Remote Install Mac OS X. nothing about boot camp. and when i try to install the drivers on the boot camp assistant application it says "The Windows support software is not available." I NEED HELP!!
  3. I want to use numbers for folder names ; if i name one folder 1.9 and another one 1.90 - Why does Windows Explorer sort folder 1.9 before 1.90? what logic is it using to come up with the sorting order? Thanks. here is how it sorts these folder names: 1.09 1.9 1.10 1.90
  4. Hi all, I downloaded a game, but now I don't kwow how to open it. The file is composed of some layerXY.arch04 files. I tried to open them with WinRar, but it was not possible. Does anybody know what to do? I attach a picture of the folder (seen with WinRar) with these special files. Thanks a lot, J
  5. Hello, I recently added two Windows 7 PCs to our domain. Created two new users in Active Directory and successfully added them to all groups necessary. Now, when I go to install software on those PCs, logged in as one of the new users, a message appears on the screen stating: *** "Installation requires administrative privileges to makes changes to your computer. Please retry installing this product and give the required permission when prompted. If you cannot give these permissions to install, ask your systems administrator." *** Some info on the setup: The new user accounts are identical to existing user accounts which do not have this issue. While the message instructs to input "required permission", the UAC box does not appear and I am unable to give further credentials. The immediate product in question is Office 2013, but this same problem occurs for other software titles as well. I've even temporarily added the users to the Administrators group in AD, but that still did not correct the problem. I CANNOT access the local admin account. It was locked down by a previous IT company who has since gone out of business and along with it the PW for the local admin account. I've tried circumventing this by force-ably extending the user's control/permissions, but any modification to such seems to be locked down and I get a similar message about lack of permission. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have recently noticed an issue on my machine that has caused USB devices to not be displayed in "Computer" or accessible from anywhere else while using normal mode. During diagnosis of the problem, I booted up in safe mode and noticed that all USB was working fine so came to the conclusion that there must be a software issue when in normal mode. I have also reloaded the USB hubs and updated my drivers but this still has not fixed my issue. I would be grateful if anyone could offer a solution or advise me of a way that I can see if an application is locking/using my USB ports. Computer info: Dell XPS 8300 Intel i7-2600K 16GB RAM nVidia GTS450 Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
  7. Hi, There are lot of software that people install that work only when opening them (like open office and others). As for open office and LiberOffice, do they affect the windows performance if they are installed, but not opened (Do they use any resources while not in use)? In general, softwares that are installed and in order to use them you must open them, do they use any resources while not in use? Thanks, Dave
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